Savory Snack DOWNS High Blood Sugar

Here’s something your doc won’t ever tell you about managing your diabetes…

Doing it the mainstream way feels more like a CHORE than a CHANCE at saving your own life!

You’re stuck pricking your fingers…

Avoiding all of the foods that taste ANYTHING like good…

He may even try to sell you on a RISKY and UNECCESSARY prescription med.

But here’s the thing…

Groundbreaking new research out of Toronto has revealed that there’s a SAFER and EASIER – even TASTIER – way to beat down that high blood sugar and DEFEAT your life-altering diabetes.

And all you have to do is enjoy more of one savory snack.

Today, I’m talking about tree nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts.

And let me be the first to congratulate you…

On getting to eat something DELICIOUS again!

In a new study, researchers associated with the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital divided 117 adults with type 2 diabetes into three groups, each with its own unique diet plan.

Members of one group ate a full whole wheat muffin every day for three months, while those in another ate half a muffin and about an ounce (one-quarter cup) of mixed tree nuts daily over the same amount of time.

Participants in the third group upped their consumption to about 2 ounces (half a cup) of tree nuts…

And by the study’s end, their blood sugar was SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED compared to the other two groups…

All from just a daily handful of tree nuts!

But wait – it gets better.

Researchers also kept track of participants’ heart risk, and they saw that the same group showed lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, a risk factor for the heart disease that claims so, so many patients with diabetes.

Experts have speculated that many of these benefits come from the tree nuts’ healthy unsaturated fats and combination of vitamins and minerals – and this only further proves the effectiveness of the higher-fat, low-carb diet I’ve told you can warn off other health woes.

So, get your hands on some treat nuts, and do it fast, because every day spent without them is another on the hook for heart risk and dreary mainstream “care.”

You can find the most common tree nuts (like almonds and cashews) in any grocery store, but make sure to shop smart – and avoid heavily salted varieties and sugar-spiked trail mixes.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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