Reverse Diabetes With This WEIRD Fruit Trick

According to the medical mainstream, there are lots of things that can cause diabetes… but there’s nothing that can cure it…

Which means you’re stuck monkeying around with risky drugs and constant finger pricks to try to keep your blood sugar in check… 

Helplessly at risk of heart disease… nerve damage… and more…

But as usual, the mainstream is just plain WRONG.

Because researchers have just discovered that a MIRACLE CURE locked inside one of your favorite fruits can STOP diabetes in its tracks… and here’s the really bananas part…


In a recent study, Czech researchers extracted juice from the banana stem – the thick flower stalk that grows and supports the rest of the banana plant – and found that it works against diabetes in two major ways.

Not only does the juice STOP carbs from converting to sugar inside your body, but it also SLOWS DOWN glucose as it is absorbed into your bloodstream… ultimately LOWERING your blood sugar!

In fact, the compounds in banana stem actually inhibit carb-digesting enzymes (delaying glucose absorption) in a similar – but SAFER — way as mainstream diabetes meds like metformin.

But you’re not likely to get those benefits just by peeling back an extra nanner every now and then.

You need the stem… but because the stems are often carelessly tossed out long before bananas ever get to your grocery store, you’re not likely to find some whole.

Instead, look for a powdered form at your local health store or vitamin shop and use as directed on the packaging. 

And if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon the stem raw, make sure to remove the hard outer layer before juicing or eating.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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