Revealed! Weird Tea BLOCKS Weight Gain

Get ready to kiss your favorite foods goodbye, friend — because the moment a mainstream doc starts sweating about your weight, it’s ALL OVER.

Suddenly, you’re starving yourself on a rabbit-food diet… DEPRIVING yourself of the juicy steaks and sides that leave you satisfied…

Sure, your doc’s heart is in the right place…

(After all, obesity and out-of-control weight gain are known triggers for diabetes and deadly heart issues…)

But his so-called “plan” is making you MISERABLE!

Fortunately, you don’t have torture yourself any longer…

Because American scientists have just uncovered the weight-blocking powers of one tasty beverage… an Asian superfood known for its medley of health benefits… that STOPS your body from packing on unwanted pounds…

No matter WHAT you eat.

I know. It sounds too good to be true…

(Like some mainstream gimmick or crazy diet fad…)

But I promise you — this is the REAL DEAL.

It all comes down to green tea, an antioxidant-packed superfood that dates back to Ancient China.

Over time, it’s gained a reputation for improving brain function, battling cancer, and more…

And now, experts say it can even BLOCK excessive weight gain.

In the study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, researchers from Ohio State University fed lab mice one of two diets over the course of eight weeks:

  • a high-fat diet meant to simulate typical “Western” junk food consumption
  • OR the same high-fat diet with added green tea extract.

And by the end, researchers were SHOCKED…

Because while all of the mice (unsurprisingly) gained weight, tea-treated mice gained THE LEAST!

I’m not talking about some tiny amount either…

According to the researchers’ report, mice consuming green tea extract gained 20 PERCENT LESS WEIGHT!

In humans, that could mean a difference measured in POUNDS… and it’s especially amazing when you remember that the mice were all fed exaggerated high-fat diets meant to encourage weight gain.

(Just imagine what that would mean for people following a balanced, healthier diet… you might even LOSE weight!)

Now, experts aren’t exactly sure what caused these miraculous fat-blocking benefits, but they think it’s related to green tea encouraging the growth of good gut bugs (aka healthy bacteria) within your digestive system, which can significantly lower your risk of obesity.

Plus, the researchers observed that mice in the green-tea group displayed lower insulin resistance and less intestinal inflammation – further indicating improvement in overall gut health.

But wait, news about this tasty beverage only gets better…

Because multiple studies have shown that green tea can aid weight loss in other ways, too! Notably, it can reportedly make your body burn calories more efficiently – so you lose MORE WEIGHT by doing LESS.

It’s pretty remarkable…

And these days, you can find green tea virtually everywhere (in both grocery stores and big-box retailers), and I highly recommend buying in bulk… because researchers report that you’ll need to drink multiple cups of tea per day to see results.

Bottoms up!

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