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Revealed: The REAL Cause of Skin Cancer

For decades now, mainstream doctors have rambled on and on about how the ONLY way to prevent skin cancer is to watch our time in the sun.

They’ve fooled us into wearing long sleeves and pants in the sweltering heat… pushed us into slathering globs of toxin-laced sunscreen all over our bodies…

And at the end of the day, new research finds that it was all for NOTHING!

Because contrary to mainstream belief, avoiding skin cancer has NOTHING to do with the sun!

Instead, a new study out of Rhode Island reveals that dodging this disease relies on one essential compound, a vitamin that many folks are MISSING, that SLASHES your risk of one of the most common skin cancers around…

And you probably know it as vitamin A.

In the study, published in JAMA Dermatology this summer, researchers from Brown University reviewed health records and lifestyle data from more 120,000 people and paid extra-close attention to risk factors like skin and hair color, family history, and sunburn frequency – which are thought to increase skin cancer risk.

Then, they analyzed each participant’s intake of vitamin A (which is common in green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, and certain animal products)…

And here’s where the study really started to SHINE.

Compared to folks who consumed the least vitamin A, those who consumed the most were an incredible 17 PERCENT less likely to develop cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma!

Often abbreviated as “cSCC” or just “SCC,” that’s one of the most common forms of skin cancer (especially in people with fair skin), and it often begins as a dome-shaped bump or red, scaly area of skin.

Left unchecked, this aggressive form of skin cancer is known for spreading to other parts of the body… making it MUCH harder to treat…

And for a long time, that fact SPOOKED mainstream docs into warning us about getting too much sun.

But get this…

Researchers observed that folks who got the most vitamin A had a lower risk REGARDLESS of how much time they spent outside!

That’s likely because the vitamin helps reduce harmful inflammation and oxidative damage, two factors that contribute to cancer…

But it’s not like these folks were FEASTING on vitamin A. In the high-A group – the one with the 17 percent drop in risk – folks reported eating just one medium sweet potato or two large carrots per day.

Easy enough, right?

Supplements, beef liver, and other organ meats contain high amounts of vitamin A… but due to expert concerns about cholesterol, toxicity, and getting too much A, you should focus on plant sources.

Worry-free options include sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens, apricots, and cantaloupe. Stock up next time you hit the grocery store – and enjoy!

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