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Revealed! Ancient Drink BEATS BACK Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is terrifying.

It’s a disease that touches MILLIONS every day, claiming THOUSANDS of lives year after year…

And forcing TONS of patients to endure harsh mainstream radiation and chemotherapy.

It’s just tragic… and with more than 200,000 new cases being diagnosed in the U.S. every year, this terrible cancer is tough to avoid.

But don’t despair.

A team of Chinese and American researchers have just uncovered the cancer-crushing abilities of one ancient drink… a beverage that’s been brewed up for centuries… that can BEAT BACK devastating breast cancer.

I’m talking about oolong tea.

Haven’t heard of it? Oolong is a traditional Chinese drink that accounts for only 2 percent of the world’s tea.

And now, researchers say, it can help fight off deadly cancer.

In this groundbreaking study, published in Anticancer Research, the team tested breast cancer cells against extracts of oolong tea, as well as green, black, and other dark teas…

And within 24 HOURS of administering a mere 1 percent concentration of oolong tea extract, the cancer cells displayed damage with shrinkage and deterioration!

After 30 days, the tea extract not only damaged the cells… but they PREVENTED the breast cancer cells from being able to repair themselves.

In other words, oolong tea basically TARGETED cancer cell DNA… triggering cellular death and decreasing the rate of cancer cell division…

Plus, the research team examined data from the 2014 Chinese and Fujian Province Cancer Registry Annual Report and uncovered a startling correlation.

Compared to the national average, the Fujian Province, where roughly 78 percent of China’s oolong tea was grown in 2015, had a 50 percent lower incidence rate of breast cancer.

And even more amazing – residents had a 68 percent lower death rate from the cancer!

That’s almost unbelievable…

And while experts aren’t certain of what triggers oolong’s amazing anti-cancer effects, researchers report that plant compounds from the tea, called catechins, are known to affect breast cancer behavior.

They also note that some other unidentified and untested elements could play a part in the regulation of cancer cell function – and more research is needed.

But you don’t have to wait.

You can find organic oolong tea at your local market or even online at Amazon or iHerb.

Be sure to steep your tea for the most benefit!

In this study the oolong tea was steeped for 30 minutes to create the extract.

It is considered safe to drink up to 10 cups of oolong tea a day. Just remember that although oolong tea is fruity and relaxing, it does contain caffeine.

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