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Red Wine Secret BLOCKS Depression

There’s nothing wrong with feeling down… but if apathy, sadness, and boredom have taken over your life, you could be one of the MILLIONS of Americans struggling with depression. 

That’s the soul-sucking disease that keeps you bogged down with bad feelings, PREVENTING YOU from looking on the bright side… enjoying your favorite hobbies… and even getting out of bed in the morning.

It’s nothing to scoff at or shake off, but mainstream docs insist on treating depression like some sort of joke! 

Sure, they’ll try to help you manage the disease… but when their prize antidepressants fail (or punch you with powerful side effects), they’ll be completely AT A LOSS! 

These meds are known for causing sexual dysfunction (and lack of desire), weight gain, additional mood changes, and more – but now, you’ve got another option. 

It’s a potent mood-booster, an all-natural compound found in grapes and red wine, that BLOCKS feelings of stress and depression… 


You’ve probably heard of resveratrol. It’s a polyphenol (plant compound) found in foods like berries and red grapes – even relaxing red wines – and it’s known for protecting against heart trouble, memory loss, and joint pain. 

Now, though, new research reveals that this impressive compound can BLOCK debilitating depression! 

In a just-out study, published in Neuropharmacology, researchers used mice and lab tests to identify the mood-boosting effects of resveratrol on stress caused by excess corticosterone. 

That’s the hormone responsible for increasing your stress level, and too much of it is known to result in depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders… partially by upregulating damage-causing enzymes. 

But in this study, scientists observed that resveratrol actually INHIBITED those enzymes, decreasing their expression and limiting their ability to alter your mood! 

That translates to less depression-like behavior! 

Of course, researchers are saying that these findings lay the groundwork for novel new antidepressants… 

But I say skip that step! 

Forget lame mainstream meds and opt for safe, natural sources of resveratrol instead. Raspberries, blueberries, and red grapes contain substantial amounts of this important plant compound – and since red wine is made using red grapes (including the nutrient-dense skin), it may pack a punch as well! 

So, why not end each day with a relaxing glass or two? 

Just be careful not to go overboard. 

If wine’s not your thing, look for resveratrol supplements online or at your local vitamin shop or pharmacy. This impressive plant compound has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. 

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