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“Red-Hot” Cure BEATS BACK Lung Cancer

No one else is going to give it to you straight, but I will…  

Lung cancer is tough to beat. 

Every year, this disease claims close to TWO MILLION lives (140,000 in the U.S. alone) and affects THOUSANDS more… leading desperate patients straight into the arms of mainstream docs who swindle them out of their money 

Those crummy oncologists claim to save lives, but all they really do is scribble down prescriptions and sign you up for expensive surgeries – things THEY KNOW probably won’t even work. 

But you deserve so much better. 

And now, you can BEAT BACK devastating cancer WITHOUT caving to their cockamamie idea of “care.” 

Because brand-new research out of West Virginia has revealed a way to STOP, BLOCK, and END the spread of lung cancera red-hot cure that TORCHES one of the systems behind deadly metastasis. 

And get this… 

You can find it at your local grocery store. 

I’ll tell you what it is (and which aisle it’s in) in just a moment… 

But first, you’ve just GOT to hear the science behind it. 

In the new study, presented at the American Society for Investigative Pathology conference earlier this month, researchers tested the chemical compound capsaicin against three lines of human lung adenocarcinoma cells. 

That’s a kind of non-small cell lung cancer, and while it typically grows more slowly than other forms, early symptoms (fatigue, shortness of breath) can be hard to spot… leading to LATE diagnoses and out-of-control cancer growth! 

As you probably know, the more a cancer metastasizes (spreads)… the harder it is to treat… 

But in the cell culture model, researchers saw that capsaicin actually STOPPED the first stage of metastasis in all three cell lines! 

That means that the compound effectively BLOCKED cancer cells from penetrating nearby tissue… helping keep the cancer confined to one part of the body. 

And the good news doesn’t stop there. 

Researchers also tested capsaicin’s effects in rodents with lung cancer… and found that mice consuming this potent compound daily had FEWER metastatic cancer cells in their lungs!  

After a few more follow-up tests, researchers concluded that these cancer-blocking benefits come from capsaicin INHIBITING the activation of a protein called Src, which supports cancer cells’ ability to multiply, spread, and move around 

Effectively SLOWING that process and helping make other cancer treatments more effective! 

Now, if capsaicin sounds familiar, that’s probably because I’ve told you about it before. This compound is what gives chili peppers their spicy flavor – and in recent years, it’s been shown to help lower blood pressure, relieve pain, boost your metabolism, aid weight loss, and more. 

Some studies suggest that this red-hot compound even battles cancer in another way… triggering apoptosis (“cell suicide”) in cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed! 

And upping your intake has never been easier. 

As I said, capsaicin is a major active compound in peppers (notably jalapeno and cayenne peppers), which you can find in the produce aisle of any grocery store. They’re easily incorporated into virtually any meal – especially ones that call for a kick of spice – but don’t go crazy.  

If you’ve never eaten spicy peppers, start with just a taste and work your way up. Some people don’t enjoy the heat, and too many peppers may cause unpleasant digestion issues.  

You can also find capsaicin in supplement form online – typically through a cayenne capsule. 

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