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Kitchen CURE Boosts Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in New York have just discovered an all-natural way to kill hard-to-treat cancers.

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If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you know how quickly it can take over your life.  One moment you’re out to dinner with friends–and, suddenly, your symptoms flare up, and you’re either doubled over in pain or running to the bathroom. And lots of the mainstream medicines out there practically shut down your immune […]

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The Turapϋr fits on most standard-style sinks, but spray-style sink faucets require a special diverter Fits with most Moen, Kohler, or Delta sinks

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With the Turapür Countertop two stages of filtration, you'll be able to transform average tap water into the antioxidant fountain of energy whenever you like.

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Kitchen Trick Removes 96% of Pesticides

U.S. researchers have found a dead-simple way to remove up to 96% of pesticides from your apples and other fruits and veggies.

Alert! Wrong Drug Prescribed to Millions

According to British researchers, there’s at least one prescription drug that you could be taking for absolutely no reason at all.

REVEALED: The Secret to Staying “Ridiculously Healthy” as You Age

Canadian and Chinese researchers have just found the one thing that’s most likely to keep you trucking through your golden years. And it’s not a healthy heart.

Heart Meds up Diabetes Risk by 30%!

According to researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, certain heart meds can send your risk of developing diabetes into the stratosphere.

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3 Ways to Slash Colon Cancer Risk in HALF

Top U.S. cancer researchers have just pinpointed three ways to help you slash your colon cancer risk in HALF.

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Easy Recipe Creates Anti-Aging Superfoods

Researchers from Iowa State University have found that adding just a spoonful of a certain tasty food to your salads could be the key to unlocking their full anti-aging potential.

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Mighty Mineral Stops Deadly Heart Problems

Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute have just found that a mighty mineral could be the key to stopping a deadly heart problem.

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These Foods “Turn off” Cancer

Researchers from the University of Alabama have just found that eating certain foods and drinking green tea can “turn off” the genes linked to breast cancer.

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The One Vitamin You NEED for Heart Health

Georgia researchers have discovered a drug-free secret to keeping a healthy sized heart.

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Delicious Foods STOP Heart Attack & Stroke

Researchers from the University of Alabama have discovered that eating certain foods could help protect you from heart attack and stroke.

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Miracle Vitamin Slashes Asthma Risk in HALF

British researchers have just found that a certain vitamin could be the key to keeping you out of the hospital and breathing easy.

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[URGENT] New Diabetes Threat Found in Food

According to University of Texas researchers, there’s one more type of food that you should be avoiding if you don’t want diabetes. And believe it or not, it’s got no added sugar! Keywords: diabetes, beef, prions

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This Morning Mistake Could Wreck Your Heart

Researchers from Tufts University have discovered that breakfast could be the key to staying trim and keeping a healthy heart.

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Drink THIS to Lose Weight and Boost Metabolism

California researchers have found that a certain miracle drink could be the key to reversing age-related weight gain.

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STOP Depression In Just 9 Minutes a Day

Australian researchers have just discovered a simple way to stop depression before it starts. And believe it or not, it only takes nine minutes a day to see REAL results.

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Bizarre Food STOPS Colon Cancer

Scientists from Penn State University have just found a dead-simple way to stop colon cancer before it starts.

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This Breakfast Works Better Than Statins

British researchers have just discovered that eating a simple breakfast food can help control your cholesterol better than statins.

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Major Fall Health Warning for Seniors 

Canadian researchers have just discovered cold temperatures could actually cost you your life, especially if you’re elderly and have heart problems.

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“Sinful” Diet Adds 10 YEARS to Your Life

University of California researchers have just found that eating more “sinful” foods like steak, dark chocolate and cheese could the best way to live longer.

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