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(Outrageous) 93% Of THESE Meds Could Make You Sick!

Here’s something most docs won’t ever tell you.

They flat-out DON’T KNOW what’s in your meds… but they’re prescribing them anyway!

They understand the basics, of course – the big-picture Pharma selling points and major ingredients – but when it comes to the deep complexities of what makes these meds tick, they’re completely IN THE DARK.

And now, your family could be at risk…

Because esteemed American scientists have just revealed that many of the country’s most popular prescription meds… drugs you and your loved ones take every day… contain ingredients linked to DANGEROUS adverse reactions…

But in many cases, your doc DOESN’T CARE enough to check.

I’ll get down to the gritty details in just a moment… but first, here’s the gist.

When you pop a pill to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure – anything!– you’re not getting just a straight dose of the drug’s active compounds.

You’re also getting a TON of additives… “inactive” ingredients included in the drug’s formula to lengthen its shelf life, change its color, and improve its taste.

In fact, this new report reveals that not only are you ingesting ALL SORTS of unexpected compounds (things your doc doesn’t pay attention to when prescribing)… but they may make up as much as HALF THE PILL.

That means you’re getting half Big Pharma crap… and half UNNECCESSARY Big Pharma crap!

To me, that’s a lose-lose scenario on its own – but brace yourself, because things are about to get even worse.

In the study, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, researchers combed through data on more than 40,000 oral medications and found that 93 PERCENT OF THEM contain a least one “inactive” ingredient that may trigger an adverse reaction.

 I’m talking lactose, peanut oil, chemical dyes, and gluten – four substances that many folks are INFAMOUSLY sensitive toward!

Specifically, the researchers found that 45 percent of medications contained lactose and 33 percent contained a dye– and while it’s true that each pill contains a miniscule amount of these substances, think about how many meds you take (and how often).

It all adds up.

Depending your sensitivity, these “inactive” ingredients could have you breaking out in hives, going into life-threatening anaphylaxis, or experiencing nasty stomach and gut issues

All because your doc pushed you onto a drug he knew nothing about.

Going forward, researchers have suggested that Big Pharma bigshots consider producing “free-from” allergy-friendly meds…

But c’mon, what are the odds of that actually happening?

Don’t wait on mainstream drug makers – and don’t take a chance on ANYTHING they offer.

Talk to a doc you trust about ending the Rx and switching to safe, natural solutions for your health woes – but don’t quit on your own. Stopping certain meds immediately (and without a doctor’s help) can be even riskier than staying on.

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