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“Off-limits” Food DOWNS High Blood Sugar

If you’ve got diabetes – or are worried you’re headed that way – it's only a matter of time before your doc pulls the plug on your favorite foods.

Say goodbye to second helpings of dessert…

(Heck, say goodbye to FIRST helpings.)

And forget about pasta, potatoes, or anything remotely tasty…

Your doc’s got a plan — and it’s to STARVE you.

But according to the latest research, he doesn’t know what he’s doing… because one filling and delicious “off-limits” food can actually REVERSE your diabetes and BANISH your blood sugar woes…

Only, he doesn’t want you to have it.

I’m talking about rice… and give me a sec before you start raving about suggesting a carb-bomb to a diabetic, because I can explain.

See, mainstream docs have previously declared rice a “no-go” because the most commonly eaten form, white rice, has a high glycemic index. That means that the abundant carbs within are very easily broken down into glucose during digestion.

And that glucose is what makes your blood sugar SKYROCKET.

But here’s the good news…

There’s more than one kind of rice.

According to research published in ScienceAsiablack and red varieties have the OPPOSITE effect of white rice… and can actually LOWER blood sugar.

In the study, conducted a little over a year ago, researchers fed diabetes-induced rats varying doses of red and black rice extracts for a period of eight weeks.

By the end, those that got the most (up to 100 mg/kg) showed SIGNIFICANTLY reduced blood sugar.

Their levels just PLUMMETED!

But that’s not all the researchers found.

They also saw that the rice extracts lowered triglycerides AND cholesterol…

And experts say that these amazing results have to do with the abundance of healthful flavonoid and polyphenol compounds in each kind of rice.

But while you’re probably used to picking up white or brown rice during your weekly grocery run, red and black aren’t hard to come by. You should be able to find them at a nearby health food store – even in chains like Whole Foods – or through multiple retailers online.

For the quickest benefits, choose black over red – interestingly, the rats that got that variety saw their blood glucose drop fastest.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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