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Nighttime Habit Making You BLIND

Maybe you’re taking supplements… or eating more fresh fruits and veggies… or even taking time away from the television. 

Because – just like the rest of us — you’d do just about anything to save your eyesight. 

But if you don’t stop a certain nighttime habit all you hard work is for nothing.

You’ll still slowly lose your vision… and my even go BLIND.

Millions of Americans read from their devices in the dark.

And we know it’s not good for us.

Blue light — like the kind emitted from your cell phone or tablet— has been linked to Alzheimer’s, sleep problems, and even cancer. 

Now, it looks like it could ruin your vision permanently.

For this study, researchers examine the effect of blue light on retinal — a form of vitamin A found in the retina that’s vital to your vital to good vision. Special cells — called rods and cones — use retinal to process light and to send signals to your brain. 

After extensive testing, the team found that when retinal absorbs blue light it produces a toxic molecule that KILLS your rods and cones.

Even worse? When these cells are damaged or killed, they can never be repaired or regenerated… resulting in vision loss… or even total BLINDNESS!

Experts report blue light is extra dangerous at night because your pupils are more dilated, letting more blue light in. 

If you want to keep your eyes healthy, stop reading from your phone or tablet at night. 

Or — at the very least — use blue light blocking glasses these. They help filter blue light before it reaches your eyes. 

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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