“New World” Squash BEATS High Blood Pressure

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

The older we get, the more time we spend worrying about our hearts, doing everything we can to AVOID debilitating heart disease and STAVE OFF issues like stroke…

And the whole time, mainstream docs have one thing on their mind.

Drugs, drugs, and MORE DRUGS!

According to the mainstream, risky meds are the “best way” to protect your ticker… but here’s the truth: Their heart-drug darlings are just plain DANGEROUS!

Too often, users suffer from weakness, nausea, rash, vomiting, fatigue, and more…

But starting today, you don’t have to deal with ANY OF IT!

Unbeknownst to most docs, there’s an “Old World” miracle food that can SLASH your sky-high blood pressure and DEFEND against deadly heart issues… and according to one study, you could see results after just FOUR DAYS!

It’s called chayote, or mirliton squash… and it’s a bright-green, mild-tasting gourd native to Central America.

Hundreds of years ago, it was introduced to the “Old World” during the Columbian Exchange, the period of widespread trade between Africa, Europe, and America that began when Christopher Columbus landed in the “New World”…

And now, it could be the key to BEATING your sky-high blood pressure!

In a recent study, published in Advances in Health Sciences Research, scientists out of Indonesia measured the blood pressure of 13 seniors with hypertension before giving them about one cup of chayote juice every day for four days.

Four days after the trial period ended, they measured each participant’s blood pressure again…

And compared to before the study, folks saw their numbers PLUMMET.

After just a few days of drinking chayote juice, the median decrease in systolic (“top”) blood pressure was 30 mmHg, while the median diastolic (“bottom”) decrease was 10 mmHg!

For the systolic number, that’s the same kind of improvement you’d get from losing around 20 pounds…

And for you, it could mean LOWERING your numbers to a healthy, risk-free level.

Researchers say that these benefits come from chayote containing high amounts of potassium, a mineral and natural diuretic that helps reduce sodium and extra fluid in the body – lowering blood volume and improving blood pressure.

Mainstream diuretic drugs are often a first-line defense against high blood pressure and other heart issues… but as the study suggests, you could see similar effects from a safe, natural source.

While chayote can be tough to come by in certain areas (outside the American Southwest), certain health food shops and grocery stores may sell it. If you buy it raw, make sure you cook it properly before eating, as many folks consider it too tough to eat.

Prepared correctly, chayote has the texture of an apple or pear – and since the squash has very little flavor on its own, you can dress it up with all of your favorite spices. Consider adding it to your next homemade salsa or using it as a meat substitute in tacos.

To get the biggest bang for your buck, look for chayote powder or capsules online through makers like TerraVita.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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