Japanese Sweet Pancakes

[New] This Japanese Sweet REVERSES Alzheimer’s!

For many of us – especially those of us getting up there in age – there’s nothing scarier than Alzheimer’s disease. 

It’s an incredibly damaging disease that EATS AWAY at your mind, memory, mobility, and independence leaving you a shell of the sharp, capable person you used to be… 

And according to mainstream docs, there’s NOTHING any of us can do to stop it or slow it down. 

But here’s what they don’t know… 

Far away (in exotic East Asia), there’s a remarkable legume, a bright-red bean used to make candy and other delicious treats, that can STRENGTHEN your memory and REVERSE Alzheimer’s disease! 

It’s called adzuki bean. 

In East Asia, where folks have been enjoying this red legume for generations, it’s used as both a medicinal food and a delicious treat. 

In Japan, they often make it into a paste or jam (called “anko”) and use it to stuff confections and baked goods… and now, recent research has reveal that this sweet, tasty treat can also CURE Alzheimer’s disease! 

In a new study, published in Nutrition Research and Practice earlier this year, Japanese researchers tested the effects of adzuki bean extract in vivo… only, they didn’t use the standard mouse model. 

They used fruit flies. 

Now, you might think that flies can’t tell us anything about human disease… but here’s where you’re wrong. 

Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogasterreproduce very quickly, and they naturally die off within a month or two… which means that scientists can spot trends in slow-moving degenerative diseases (like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s) in just WEEKS! 

Attempting to do the same with humans would require YEARS AND YEARS of decades-long case studies and expensive research! Plus, fruit flies are easily genetically modified, meaning that researchers can use them to simulate a wide variety of health conditions 

And in this model, scientists engineered the flies to over-produce beta amyloid proteins. 

Those are the plaques that buildup in the brain during Alzheimer’s, clogging vital pathways and messaging systems and potentially causing the disease’s hallmark memory issues, cognitive impairment, and reduced mobility... 

But in the Japanese study, adzuki bean extract REDUCED plaque in the flies’ brains! 

Compared to untreated flies, those fed adzuki bean extract had smaller fibers and less buildup – and as a result, the extract actually IMPROVED their Alzheimer’s symptoms! 

Specifically, flies treated with adzuki showed: 

  • BETTER motor function, 
  • GREATER learning and memory function (measured via smell recognition tests), and 
  • LONGER lifespans! 

That’s right, these flies actually lived LONGER… and not by a little bit either. Untreated flies survived for an average of 33 days, but adzuki-fed flies lived to over 45 DAYS! 

That’s a 12-day improvement… and it indicates that adzuki beans could help us all live up to 36 PERCENT LONGER!  

With Alzheimer’s deaths on the rise, that kind of improvement is no joke – and combined with the memory-boosting benefits seen in the study, adzuki shouldn’t be underestimated. 

If you or a loved one are struggling against memory loss, cognition issues, or reduced mobility from Alzheimer’s, look for adzuki beans (also sold as red mung beans) in your area. 

Many health food stores sell them canned or bagged, and these tasty beans work well in both sweet and savory dishes – including soups, stews, and even cakes!  

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