Mystical “Berry Cure” Fights Off Flu!

If there’s one thing Big Pharma phonies love, it’s the flu.

Every winter, they shell out (and RAKE IN) millions of dollars for their bogus flu jabs — stinging shots that turn out to be complete duds — and PREY on your fears of getting sick.

It’s just disgusting.

And with reports indicating that we’re living through one of the longest flu seasons in recent memory… I’ve got NO DOUBT that Big Pharma fat-cats will make another move for your money.

But don’t fall for their cheap tricks.

Australian researchers have just uncovered a powerful alternative to ineffective flu shots, an ancient plant once used to ward off evil spirits, that KNOCKS OUT influenza and STRENGTHENS your immune system…

So you stay healthy no matter the season.

I’ll tell you what it is in just a moment, but first… the timing couldn’t be better.

Just last month, the Centers for Disease Control reported that we’re currently in the middle of the longest flu season in a DECADE… an extended Franken-flu season brought about by TWO waves of illness.

The first started in late November and seemed pretty mild… but come February, a nastier, vaccine-resistant strain of flu began UPPING hospitalizations and DOWNING weary patients, practically RENEWING the whole season.

All in all, we’re more than 23 weeks in – but while experts claim that we’re nearing the end, these things are infamously unpredictable.

And as we know, Big Pharma flu jabs are practically USELESS.

Fortunately, Mother Nature always delivers in a way that mainstream drugmakers can’t.

In a new study, published in the Journal of Functional Foods, researchers from the University of Sydney exposed cells to black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) before, during, and after infection with the flu…

And they saw something AMAZING.

Early treatment with elderberry – once used to cure disease and protect against bad spirits — effectively STOPPED the flu virus from infecting the cells!

Plus, they were surprised to see that the syrup worked EVEN BETTER in later stages of exposure – after the cells had already been infected!

That shows that not only can elderberry help PREVENT the flu… but it can also help your body FIGHT OFF the illness, largely by helping your cells release cytokines.

Those are chemical messengers that help your immune system respond to invaders, basically COORDINATING your body’s defenses!

According to researchers, most of these exceptional effects come from elderberry’s high concentration of anthocyanidins, the plant chemicals that give the fruit its dark-purple color…

And you could see the same flu-beating benefits for yourself this spring!

All you have to do is up your intake of potent elderberry – sold online in supplement and syrup varieties through retailers like The Vitamin Shoppe. Depending on which form you choose, you should expect to pay $10 to $20 per bottle.

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