“Mushroom Cure” CUTS OFF Cold & Flu

Walk into any grocery or big-box store this time of year, and you’ll see TONS of seasonal items lining the shelves – only, I’m not talking about Halloween candy or pumpkin-spiced treats.

I mean cold meds and FLU SHOTS!

Yep, as soon as the weather starts to change, and Big Pharma bozos start shoving these things (and a whole host of other lozenges, cough meds, and painkillers) back in our faces… urging us all to buy, buy, buy to preserve our health…

But it’s a billion-dollar seasonal SCAM!

Most of the time, you don’t need meds to cure a cold — and Big Pharma’s darling flu shots are not only INEFFECTIVE, but they can actually cause long-term damage!

Fortunately, I’m back today with a better, safer, cheaper option.

It’s a unique substance found in Japanese mushrooms that SUPERCHARGES immunity and DEFEATS seasonal illness…

So you NEVER suffer another annoying cold or deadly flu.

I’ll tell you what it is in just a moment – but first, here’s why you need an air-tight immune system.

Contrary to popular belief (and mainstream assurances), getting the annual flu shot doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid a brush with deadly virus this season.

The yearly jab is notoriously ineffective and unreliable – and even though flu (and later pneumonia) can be fatal for seniors, studies show that the vaccine DOESN’T prevent deaths.

Instead, it actually contains suspicious toxins and antibiotics, makes future viruses harder to treat, and has the potential to increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Meanwhile, over-the-counter cold meds and pain relievers can really do a number on your liver…

Clearly, we should all skip these harmful drugs… but worries over compromised and time-worn immunity can make that tough. After all, immunity tends to decline with age – and your body might not be able to block out invaders on its own.

That’s where AHCC comes in.

AHCC (or active hexose correlated compound) is an extract made from shiitake mushrooms, and it’s been shown to treat a variety of illnesses.

Most remarkably, though, research proves that it can SUPERCHARGE your immune system and help defend against cold and flu!

In one study from 2014, researchers tested AHCC or a placebo in 34 human subjects over the course of four wintry weeks and paid extra-close attention to each person’s levels of NK cells.

Those are natural killer cells – white blood cells that respond to infection – and during the study, placebo-users’ levels PLUMMETED, indicating reduced immunity.

In the AHCC group, though, NK levels stayed strong… suggesting that the mushroom extract helped STRENGTHEN and STABILIZE the subjects’ immunity and ability to fight off infection!

Plus, a second study on AHCC – published in 2013 – found that the substance actually increased NK cell levels in healthy adults and improved production of the antibodies your body uses to neutralize invading viruses and germs!

In short, AHCC ramps up your immunity so cold and flu (and other seasonal bugs) don’t stand a chance…

And you can find it at any supplement shop or vitamin store. Retailer Swanson offers a 30-capsule bottle of AHCC for about $35.

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