Morning Routine is Giving You Diabetes

But is it worth having type 2 diabetes?

I can hear you already saying, “Heck no!”

Unfortunately, according to a recent study from Harvard, using certain types of mouthwash can send your diabetes risk through the roof.

For years, researchers have suspected that mouthwash could be doing damage to your teeth, but they didn’t know it could also be messing up you blood sugar, too.

Until now…

For the study, researchers examine the medical data and oral hygiene habits of 1,206 overweight adults who were already at risk for type 2 diabetes.

After close analysis, they found that those who use mouthwash twice a day increase their risk of getting type 2 diabetes by an astounding 55%!

The reason? Cleaning agents in mouthwash can’t detect the difference between good and bad bacteria.

Mouthwash kills both types of bacteria the same.

And that’s a problem, because the good bacteria in your mouth help produce special compounds that balance your blood sugar.

Essentially, when you destroy the good bacteria with mouthwash you also weaken your ability to fight type 2 diabetes.

Luckily, there are gentle, natural mouthwashes that freshen your breath without destroying your good bacteria.  You can purchase some here.


Jack Taylor,
Department of Research, Turapur Products

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