“Monster” Veggie STOPS Heart Disease

If you have heart disease, your doctor’s dieting advice probably sounds like broken records. 

It’s just a continuous repeat of “low-fat… high-carb… more veggies”. 

And the only good advice in there? The vegetables. 

But I promise you there’s one “monster” vegetable your mainstream doc has never told you about.

And it could be make all the difference when it comes to your heart. 

Move over leafy greens, there’s a new heart hero in town.

I’m talking about the Sakurajima daikon, or the “monster” radish. 

Known for its incredible size — often 60 lbs. or more — this antioxidant-rich plant has been REVERSING health problems in Japan for centuries. 

And now it could help your heart, too. 

In a recent lab study, researchers from the American Chemical Society tested compounds from the giant radish on epithelial cells — special heart cells that protect you against heart disease. 

At the end of the study, the scientists found that the radish compounds significantly improved the health and function of epithelial cells… practically REVERSE the damage that causes heart disease. 

Sakurajima daikon radishes are so powerful against heart diseases because they boost nitric oxide (N.O.) levels. 

This key to a health hearty because N.O. helps lower inflammation, increase blood flow and prevent arterial hardening and blood clotting – the leading causes of heart attack and stroke. 

You can get Sakurajima Daikon radishes at your local Asian grocer. 

You can grow these monsters yourself.Click here to buy seeds. 

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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