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Monks’ Secret CURES Deadly Cancer!?

Brush up on your celebrity trivia, and you’ll have no trouble connecting the dots:

Aretha Franklin… Steve Jobs… Patrick Swayze…

All dead due to devastating pancreatic cancer, a creeping, quiet form of the disease that’s pretty much symptomless – until it’s TOO LATE.

By the time you’ve got reason to worry, the cancer’s practically already claimed your life.

(At least, according to your pity-eyed oncologist.)

But now, groundbreaking Chinese research suggests that your “dire” diagnosis DOESN’T have to be a death sentence…

Because an ancient fruit shrouded in mystery (and protected by Buddhist monks) does MORE than give you a fighting chance.

It KILLS OFF your cancer!

I’m talking about the vine plant Siraitia grosvenorii… and according to conventional history, it was named in honor of a former president of the National Geographic Society.

But before its mainstream introduction, people living in the sprawling, misty mountains of China’s Guilin region knew it by a different name…

They called it Luo Han Guo, or monk fruit— after the Luo Han order of Buddhist monks that first cultivated the fruit, using basic farming to ensure its survival and mixing it into a medley of healing tonics.

It was prized for its sweetness – a flavor that, unlike most fruits, doesn’t come from natural fructose (sugar). Instead monk fruit gets its taste from a phytochemical called mogroside, a unique compound that’s sweeter than sugar and lower in calories.

And now, modern scientists claim that mogroside may even CURE deadly cancer.

In a multi-faceted study, published in Oncogenesis, researchers from Beijing University of Agriculture pit mogroside V against pancreatic cancer cells in both in vitro and in vivo models… and after rigorous testing and analysis, they realized something AMAZING.

The monk fruit-extracted mogroside V actually BEAT the cancer cells…in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS!

Not only did it inhibit cancer cells from multiplying and spreading, but it also promoted apoptosis… essentially KILLING off tumors by encouraging their cells to commit suicide…

And finally, mogroside V helped regulated angiogenesis, the process that creates new blood vessels to transport oxygen and nutrients back to the tumor.

Count ‘em… 1, 2, 3!

While experts haven’t identified the exact mechanism that yields these benefits, they suspect that the mogroside V disrupts a signaling pathway that cancer cells use to communicate.

But here’s the best part…

Storage and transportation issues make it virtually impossible to get fresh monk fruit outside of its home region, BUT dried monk fruit powder is often marketed as a zero-calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners here in the West.

Look for monk fruit sweetener online or at your local health store – and simply use it whenever you would turn to sugar. Remember to read any directions on the packaging, though. Monk fruit is MUCH sweeter than sugar, so you don’t need much.

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