“Miracle Nutrient” BATTLES Alzheimer’s (Wow!) 

Until your memory starts to go, your mood starts to sour, and you forget the names and faces of those you hold dear… there’s really no way to know you’ve got Alzheimer’s. 

It’s a silent, creeping condition that settles in and starts causing damage YEARS before symptoms appear… 

But once they do, it’s often TOO LATE to intervene. 

Or at least, that’s the mainstream mantra. 

Those of us NOT drinking the Big Pharma Kool-Aid know better… 

And now, a pair of brand-new studies have proven that one all-natural “miracle nutrient” can easily WIPE AWAY the damage of Alzheimer’s… 

And it works long AFTER symptoms appear! 

In one of these new studies, published in the journal Aging Cell, researchers treated female mice – which were superficially bred to develop Alzheimer’s-related symptoms – with varying amounts of the nutrient choline.  

That’s a natural compound found in A TON of different foods… from eggs and spinach to peanuts and pasta… and within the natural health community, it’s well-known for helping improve cognition. 

In fact, our bodies routinely use this nutrient to build complex cell membranes and produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate memory, muscle function, and mood (all of which suffer in Alzheimer’s)… 

So, it’s NO WONDER that mice treated with “miracle” choline saw INCREDIBLE improvements! 

In the study, long-term choline not only BOOSTED the rodents’ spatial memory… but it actually ALTERED their brains on a chemical level! 

Interestingly, researchers observed that it did this in two key ways: 

  • First, choline INHIBITED the creation of harmful beta amyloid proteins (a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease) and helped BLOCK them from building up in the mice’s brains, where they can interfere with important messaging systems. 
  • Then, choline actually REDUCED microglia activation! In other words, the compound slowed down the specialized cells (microglia) responsible for cleaning out your brain and removing debris… 

And here’s why that second one is really important. 

While we all need some microglia activity to keep our brains ship-shape, these cells can also become OVER-ACTIVATED and lead to damaging brain inflammation, cell death, and symptoms of Alzheimer’s! 

Thankfully, this study shows that vital choline helps keep those brain maids calm, cool, and collected – PREVENTING symptoms like memory loss and brain fog. 

And this wasn’t some fluke situation or one-off study… 

Another study from this year, published in July, found comparable results in male mice! 

That’s a solid source of confirmation… and while you’re not a mouse (and likely haven’t been taking choline your whole life), there’s NO REASON to think humans couldn’t see similar results! 

As I mentioned, any alternative doc will tell you that choline is a brain-boosting “miracle nutrient” – and it’s never too late to start up. 

You can add extra choline to your diet by stocking up on eggs, meat, dairy products, and cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli or Brussels sprouts) – or opt for a supplement (available through retailers like Nature’s Way and Swanson). 

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