Make Varicose Veins VANISH With This "Butcher's Cure"

We all like to throw on our favorite pair of shorts in the nice weather or strut around confidently in our swimsuits at the beach.

But if you have those unsightly blue varicose veins protruding all over your legs, you know how embarrassing they can be.

Varicose veins aren’t just a nuisance — they can indicate a more serious issue where your veins aren’t working like they should and blood is pooling (especially in your legs).

Of course, mainstream medicine is just waiting with expensive and uncomfortable surgery promising to zap those varicose veins away. Good luck getting your insurance to cover that!

Fortunately, there’s a time-tested herbal remedy for varicose veins that most people have never heard about (the mainstream wants to sell you surgery, after all). And it could help make those blue spider webs disappear and improve your circulation.

It’s called butcher’s broom, and it’s a spiny bush that grows all over the Mediterranean. And butchers once used its branches to help sweep the scraps off their floors.

But that’s not all that butcher’s broom is good for! It’s been used in alternative medicine for ages to help treat everything from hemorrhoids to gallstones. And it may be the best weapon around for varicose veins.

That’s because research has shown that butcher’s broom can constrict your blood vessels, improve circulation and work to prevent blood from pooling in your veins. It’s been tested time and time again in around 30 clinical studies.

A study out of Germany found that butcher’s broom worked wonders for improving vein function when compared with a placebo — and without all the side effects that often come with prescription drugs.

Research has also shown butcher’s broom can decrease that telltale swelling in your veins — one study out of Mexico found it significantly decreased swelling in the legs in just 12 weeks.

The typical recommended dosage of butcher’s broom is around 150 mg a day. You’ll often see it combined with other natural treatments for decreasing varicose veins and improving vein health, like horse chestnut.

You can find butcher’s broom pretty easily online for around $7–10 a month.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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