"King Tut Seed" SHRINKS Kidney Stones

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

If you’re ever struggled to pass a too-big kidney stone, you know that it’s something you NEVER want to go through again.

After all, it’s some of the most EXCRUCIATING pain around… comparable to giving birth or getting stabbed in the guts… and no matter how much it hurts (or how badly you want it to end), there’s really only one thing you can do.


Yep. It’s a slow-going process – and it hurts like hell – but the only way to STOP your pain and PREVENT infection is to pass those stones.

And I’m about to make that process a whole lot easier…

Because there’s a unique spice, a seed found in the tombs of ancient pharaohs, that easily DISSOLVES devastating kidney stones!

I’ll tell you what it is in just a moment… but first, here’s why you’re suffering with stones in the first place.

See, these “stones” are actually hard mineral deposits… clumps of salt, calcium oxylate, uric acid, and other materials that form inside your kidneys… and they can easily build up if you:

  • Take certain meds (like proton pump inhibitors),
  • Consume too much protein, sodium, or sugar,
  • Have a family history of stones, or
  • Don’t drink enough water.

And once you’ve got a stone, it can easily get stuck in the small passage that connects your kidneys to your bladder – interfering with urine flow as it crawls through your system.

As you might guess, that’s where the PAIN comes in!

Fortunately, there’s a safe, natural way to SHRINK your stones and SPEED UP the passing process… and it’s all thanks to black cumin.

Collected from the Mediterranean plant Nigella sativa, that’s a unique seed that’s been used for CENTURIES in Greece and the Middle East, where it was often ground up as a spice or used to make oil.

Archaeologists even found black cumin within the legendary tomb of King Tut…

And now, research suggests that this ancient cure could be the key to BREAKING UP big kidney stones… RELIEVING your pain and making them EASIER to pass!

In a new study, published in Phytotherapy Research last March, scientists out of the Middle East recruited 60 patients with kidney stones and treated them with either 500 mg of black cumin or a placebo twice daily for 10 weeks…

And some of these folks walked away with ZERO STONES!

Incredibly, 44 percent of people in the black cumin group excreted their stones completely… leaving them STONE-FREE (and likely pain-free) after just 10 weeks…

Plus, 51.8 percent of black seed users were shown to have smaller stones (which are less painful and easier to pass) than when the trial began!

In other words, many of these folks had triumphed over their stones, and if they hadn’t expelled them completely, they were well on their way.

Meanwhile, 15 percent of folks in the placebo group had LARGER stones!


Experts say that black cumin’s stone-shrinking effects come from the plant compound thymoquinone, which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties…

And now, you can try it for yourself.

Look for black cumin capsules or black seed oil at your local health food store or vitamin shop – and start SHRINKING those painful stones!

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