Juicy Fruit ENDS Cancer’s Spread

I’ll be honest with you… 

Any mainstream battle against killer cancer is bound to be HARD. 

No matter what mainstream oncologists say (or how good your insurance is), you’ll come out the other side LOADED with expensive medical bills, debilitating debt, and staggering chemo side effects… 

And that’s IF you make it out at all.  

It sounds pretty grim, I know… 

But now, American researchers have uncovered something safe, cheap, and DELICIOUS – a juicy fruit that’s perfect for summer – that KILLS OFF stubborn cancer and STOPS the disease from spreading! 

It’s a tasty snack you can get for less than $1… and according to experts, it may hold the key to DEFEATING deadly cancer… 

Today, I’m talking about plums. 

In their study, published in Nutrition Research, researchers from Texas A&M University treated lab rats with a plum beverage or a placebo for 10 weeks. During weeks two and three, they injected the rats with azoxymethane (a known carcinogen) to induce colon cancer… 

And by the trial’s end, they observed something PHENOMENAL. 

Rats who consumed the plum beverage had 48 percent LESS colon damage! 

Specifically, they had 48 percent fewer aberrant crypt foci, abnormal lesions that often occur before cancerous polyps and tumorsand the plum beverage lowered the growth and spread of mucosal cells (where colon cancer often starts) by close to 25 percent. 

Plus, researchers observed, the plum beverage also increased the expression of genes related to tumor suppression, further helping to BLOCK the cancer’s spread… 

But that’s still not all. 

A study from 2007 found that plum extract interferes with certain proteins (upping levels of some and lowering others) to ultimately induce the process of “cell suicide” known as apoptosis. 

That’s when cancer cells start KILLING THEMSELVES… 

And this study, immature plum extract JUMPSTARTED this process in aggressive triple-negative breast cancer cells! Pretty impressive… because that’s one of the WORST kinds of breast cancer around, a form of the disease that LAUGHS in the face of mainstream hormone treatments… 

Only now, you’ll finally have the last laugh. 

Plums really come into their own in late spring and summer, so your local markets and grocery stores should be OVERFLOWING with these fruits right about now. Pick some up during your next trip and start snacking. 

These sweet and juicy stone fruits (which tend to cost around 50 cents each) are great for on-the-go eating, but they can also be incorporated into baked goods (especially tarts and pies) – or you can always opt for prunes. 

Prunes are essentially just dried plums, so they would likely provide comparable benefits… but be careful about chugging prune juice. Most commercial brands include high amounts of added sugar. 

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