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This “Invisible” Disease Is WRECKING Your Body

It’s no secret that smoking or obesity – two things no one thought TWICE about just a few decades ago – can actually take a MAJOR toll on your health.

They practically pave the way for things like sleep apnea and devastating heart problems… 

Lung cancer… joint pain… 

Even death.

But now, startling new research out of California reveals that it DOESN’T MATTER if you’ve never so much as LOOKED at a cigarette or clocked in a HAIR overweight… because SOMETHING ELSE may be working its way through your system…

And hurting you JUST AS MUCH.

I’m talking about depression and anxiety, the “invisible” cognitive combo notorious for messing with your moods and putting a strain on your closest relationships.

Now, unfortunately, we know that they can do so much more.

In the study, published in Health Psychology, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, analyzed four years of medical records from about 15,000 retirees, paying close attention to risk factors like smoking and obesity and their effects on the body.

But the REAL surprise came from the 2,225 patients found to suffer high levels of anxiety and depression…

Because their risks were ASTRONOMICAL.

Compared to folks without a mental illness, patients with depression or anxiety were 65 PERCENT more likely to develop a heart condition… 64 PERCENT more likely to suffer a stroke… and an astounding 87 PERCENT more likely to have arthritis.

Those increases are comparable to what you’d expect from obese patients or longtime smokers… 

And in some cases, even WORSE!

Members of the depression/anxiety group, for example, were also 161 PERCENT more likely to have headaches.

That’s almost a TWO-FOLD bump in risk from the other groups…

Which saw NO increase.

To me, that says that mental illness could actually be MORE harmful than longtime no-nos like cigarettes and weight gain!

And while experts haven’t identified exactly WHY these patients are particularly at risk, it’s likely related to inflammation – a body-wide menace that’s been linked to both depression and anxiety before.

So, to minimize your risk of disease – or at least LOWER your risk to NORMAL levels – it’s important to check up on your own mental health.

If you’re experiencing anxious/depressive symptoms like incessant worry, persistent sadness or pessimism, lack of sex drive, loss of interest, and fatigue, consider confiding in a friend, loved one, or professional who can help you work through your feelings.

And try supplementing with natural remedies like ashwaganda, B vitamins, and fish oil to reduce your most pressing symptoms. Ashwaganda is especially helpful for lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol, but speak with a doc before starting up – as it may interfere with any medication you’re taking.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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