Indian Superfood AMPS UP Weight Loss

No one actually enjoys trying to lose weight.

The exercise is exhausting… the diet plans are bland and tasteless…

And even though you go to bed STARVING, morning shows that you haven’t lost a single pound!

It’s hard, frustrating work – and anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

(Probably some fad diet or bogus mainstream pill…)

But now, research indicates that you don’t have to buy into any of it.

Because one Indian superfood can do the hard work for you, battling your cravings and out-of-control appetite so you lose weight…

WITHOUT dieting or stepping foot in a gym.

No fads. No gimmicks… just results.

(And here’s a hint: You can get it at any grocery store.)

I’m talking, of course, about chickpeas.

Also known as garbanzo beans, these legumes are the tasty key ingredient in hummus and many other Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.

Right now, they’re really having a moment in the health-food spotlight – being praised for everything from lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol to bolstering gut health.

Some people are even calling them a superfood…

And a group of Australian scientists claims that they can SOLVE your weight-loss woes.

In their study, a crossover model published in Appetite, researchers instructed 42 adult participants to eat four ounces of chickpeas every day for 12 weeks.

The scientists didn’t ask or encourage these people to do anything else…

Not exercise… not count calories or replace certain foods…


They just had to eat the chickpeas.

 And during those 12 weeks, they saw impressive results.

Despite NOT EVEN TRYING to alter their diets, participants reported eating LESS while supplementing with the chickpeas– and notably, that included FEWER high-calorie processed foods! 

It didn’t come from them wanting to lose weight… oh no.


And since hunger is (obviously) a major weight-loss blocker, I wouldn’t be surprised if these same participants wound up shedding a few pounds anyway… safely and naturally.

In fact, another study showed that obese volunteers who consumed legumes (like chickpeas) lost MORE WEIGHT than control subjects who didn’t.

But really, none of this should be surprising.

See, chickpeas are high in both fiber and protein, two nutrients that help us feel “fuller” longer – so we don’t feel the urge to keep eating. In the same vein, chickpea consumption can also decrease the production of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” that increases appetite and promotes fat storage in the body.

Less ghrelin, weaker appetite – and no one starves.

All thanks to the humble chickpea.

Consider picking some up next time you’re headed to the grocery store. Most stores carry them dried and bagged or in cans – or as pre-made hummus — and they make a great addition to any meal. Make sure to read the packaging for preparation instructions, though, as raw chickpeas should be soaked or cooked before eating.

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