"Immortality Nutrient" Grants 10 EXTRA Years

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

I don’t know about you… but the older I get, the more my bucket list seems to grow.

Every day, I cook up more and more pipe dreams… think up more and more impossible adventures… and fantasize about the incredible things I want to do before time runs out and I “kick the bucket.”

For you, maybe it’s trekking through the Amazon Rainforest… hiking the steep mountainside to Machu Picchu… or taking a peaceful trip to Paris…

Maybe all you want is to watch your grandkids grow up happy and healthy…

Whatever the case, friend, I’m about to make it a whole lot EASIER.

Because with enough of one “immortality nutrient” — a mineral that’s often forgotten or IGNORED by mainstream docs — you could live up to 10 YEARS LONGER!

Imagine having an extra DECADE to achieve your goals… spend time with family… and enjoy life to the fullest.

Now, you can do all of that and MORE

And it’s all thanks to selenium.

That’s a mineral and natural antioxidant found in water and soil, and it’s been shown to help battle cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Most importantly, though, recent research proves that it can also EXTEND YOUR LIFESPAN!

In one study, published last year in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, Italian scientists measured the selenium levels of almost 350 seniors (aged 80 and up) living in a remote mountain community.

Ten years later, they revisited their data and conducted a follow-up…

And found that folks with the lowest levels of selenium (less than 105.3 micrograms per liter) were more likely to have DIED within those 10 years!

In other words, improving your selenium levels could mean the difference between dying tomorrow… and living happily for another DECADE!

For some folks, that could mean celebrating your 95th birthday… watching your fully grown grandkids head off to college or start a family… and ticking every single box on your bucket list.

Plus, improved selenium levels could help you stay healthy throughout all of that time, as other studies have linked low selenium (or selenium deficiency) with cancer, arthritis, depression, and heart disease.

And in the Italian trial, folks with the highest amounts of this nutrient also had low inflammation, something that’s vital for warding off health woes.

That’s why you’ve got to make sure your selenium levels stay in check (even when mainstream docs don’t test for them).

The best way to do it is to eat more foods from selenium-rich soil and water. Seafood (like oysters and yellowfin tuna), grass-fed beef and organ meats, and certain nuts rank among some of the best sources, but you can also find selenium in supplement form at your local pharmacy.

Be careful not to overdo it, though.

Ingesting more than 400 micrograms per day isn’t considered safe, and more than 900 micrograms per day can be toxic.

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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