1-Hour Cure RELIEVES Cramping & Diarrhea

When you’ve got major gut issues… constant cramping and diarrhea that NEVER seem to go away… it’s tough to live the happy, active life you deserve.

Instead of playing with your grandkids or enjoying vacations with your family, you spend HOURS locked in the bathroom or strapped to the toilet. You lose WHOLE DAYS to debilitating abdominal pain…

And no matter where you go for help, mainstream docs all suggest the same thing…


Despite the fact that HALF of all patients on steroids experience taxing side effects — like weak bones, vision loss, and sleep disturbances — docs continue to sell these meds as the ONLY CURE for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

But that’s plain untrue.

There’s a strange South American plant, a succulent rumored to bloom every 100 years, that can safely TAME your stomach troubles and END symptoms of IBD… and it starts working within just ONE HOUR!

Here’s what you need to know…

Agave americana (also known as “century plant”) is a spiky, flowering succulent native to Mexico and the American Southwest — and for generations, people native to the region have used it to treat dysentery, diarrhea, and other health conditions.

More recently, though, modern scientists have proven that century plant can UNDO the effects of IBD.

In one study, published in the journal Ayu, researchers pre-treated rats with century plant extract for seven days before administering a substance to induce ulcerative colitis (a form of IBD). After colitis was induced, the scientists resumed century plant treatment for another three days…

And by the end, rodents treated with the plant showed:

  • IMPROVED body weight retention (aka they STOPPED losing dangerous amounts of weight, which is common in IBD patients),
  • REDUCED ulcer sores (another effect of IBD), and
  • LESS gut damage!

All of those signs point to reduced inflammation and stress around the colon — known CAUSES of the cramping, diarrhea, and pain that come with IBD!

See, IBD occurs due to an immune system dysfunction that tells your body’s immune cells to ATTACK your intestinal lining, causing the damaging inflammation behind your painful or uncomfortable gut symptoms…

But century plant contains plant steroids (called saponins) with MAJOR anti-inflammatory effects.

That’s why it’s so effective at TAMPING DOWN symptoms of IBD… and as another mouse study (published in Pharmacognosy Reseach) suggests, century plant can start working in as little as ONE HOUR!

In that study, rodents with edema (a form of swelling) that were treated with century plant extract showed 27 PERCENT less inflammation than their untreated counterparts… and that happened in just 60 measly minutes.

After two hours, that number rose as high as 59 percent…

And by hour three, mice pre-treated with 400 mg/kg of century plant extract showed 77 PERCENT LESS INFLAMMATION!

That’s simply incredible — and it could be the gut-saving solution you’ve been waiting for.

Century plant is a form of agave, so you should be able to find it in agave juice or extract through your local health food store. Just make sure you’re not purchasing the plant’s syrup or nectar. Those are often sold as alternative sweeteners and won’t include the same gut-guarding benefits.

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