“Hope Berry” Helps DESTROY Deadly Cancer

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

I bet you’re willing to try anything if it means beating cancer

And mainstream docs have undoubtedly USED that desperation to LURE YOU onto one of their crappy “cures.”

That’s their whole business model, after all: “Scare the patient. Steal their cash. And SLAM THEM with heaps and heaps of chemotherapy and radiation.”

It’s a broken, biased system – and often, their so-called “care” doesn’t do A THING to cure your cancer.

But starting today, you could OPT OUT of the entire corporate cancer enterprise…

Because there’s a unique “hope berry,” a natural cure used all over the world, that can KILL your cancer and STOP IT from spreading!

Research suggests that this potent plant fights cancer on multiple fronts – and unlike crappy mainstream “cures,” it WON’T trigger nasty side effects.

It’s called hawthorn.

Also known as Crataegus, hawthorn is a genus of fruit-growing trees that grows all over the world. These plants produce small, berry-like fruits that vary from bright red to deep blue depending on where they’re grown…

And throughout history, hawthorn has touched A NUMBER of different cultures.

The Ancient Greeks saw it as a symbol of hope and held it during marriage processions. The Celts believed it could heal a broken heart, while Serbian folklore describes it as a tool for killing vampires…

And according to old Gaelic stories, hawthorn trees mark the entrance to a magical realm.

More recently, though, modern research finds that this impressive plant is LOADED with powerful antioxidants – and it’s been shown to:

  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure,
  • Reduce anxiety,
  • Lower inflammation, and
  • Fight heart failure.

Plus, it helps KILL OFF cancer cells!

In the new study, published in the Journal of Functional Foods, researchers isolated a polysaccharide (compound with multiple sugar molecules) from hawthorn and tested it against colon cancer cells in vitro.

The experiment lasted just 12 hours…

And by the end, the cancer-killing results were OBVIOUS.

Researchers observed that the hawthorn compound BLOCKED the cell cycle responsible for helping cancer cells grow and spread – effectively shutting it down!

But that’s not even the best part.

The hawthorn compound didn’t just STOP more cells from growing.

It also induced a process called apoptosis, which systematically KILLS OFF old or damaged cells – like those with cancer – to make room for healthier ones.

Also called “cell suicide,” apoptosis is known for making cancer cells kill themselves, and many cancer meds are supposed to work the same way…

Only, those no-good drugs come with DISATROUS side effects!

If you’ve ever tried them, you know firsthand that slash-and-burn “solutions” like chemotherapy and radiation can WRECK your body, leading to side effects like:

  • Non-stop diarrhea,
  • Constant fatigue,
  • Searing pain,
  • Debilitating “chemo brain,” and
  • Frustrating hair loss!

Ask anyone who’s been through it, and they’ll tell you that mainstream “care” is often WORSE than the cancer…

But with hawthorn, you could say a big ol’ GOODBYE to all of it!

Unlike mainstream “solutions,” hawthorn can help defeat deadly cancer WITHOUT causing serious side effects – and you can get started right away.

Many retailers – including Piping Rock, Nature’s Way, and GNC – offer hawthorn extract in capsule form. Prices vary depending on dosage and bottle size, but a one-month supply could cost as little as $13.

While hawthorn is generally safe to use, it may interfere with certain heart meds and sedatives – so consult with a physician you trust before supplementing.

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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