At-Home Trick ERASES Chemo Side Effects

When you imagine your life post-cancer, I’d wager it’s a pretty happy scene.

Loved ones smiling… laughing… looking forward to sunny, peaceful days ahead.

It’s beautiful…

But unfortunately, it’s a FAR CRY from what most survivors actually get!

Instead, many patients suffer fatigue, pain, and depressionlife-altering side effects caused by toxic mainstream chemo and radiation.

But now,you don’t have to.

Michigan scientists have just revealed that one simple at-home trick can BANISH the aches, pains, and mood disorders caused by shoddy mainstream cancer “care” and RESTORE the happy, idyllic life you’ve been waiting for.

All it takes is a little acupressure.

It’s the cousin of acupuncture– only without the needles.

Instead, this form of traditional Chinese medicine involves using your fingers to apply pressure to different points on the body. It’s been used to treat disease for thousands of years, and now, researchers from the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center say it can alleviate side effects of mainstream cancer care.

In the study, published last month in JNCI Cancer Spectrum, the scientists focused on 288 breast cancer patients suffering from fatigue AND one or more chronic symptom after their treatment ended.

Most often, that other symptom was pain, anxiety, depression, or lack of sleep – with close to 25 percent of patients reporting ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Researchers randomly divided the survivors – no matter what side effects they were suffering – into one of three groups. Members of two were taught to administer different types of acupressure (either relaxing or stimulating) once a day for six weeks, while members of the third group made up a “standard care” control.

And by the end of the study, frankly, the control didn’t stand a chance…

With relaxing acupressure improving depressive symptoms 42 percent…

Stimulating acupressure reducing anxiety 17.3 percent…

And BOTH types lessening pain severity by over 20 PERCENT!

Researchers suggest these results may be due to the acupressure altering certain neural pathways that elicit a change elsewhere in the body. Plus, a previous study that showed acupressure may also reduce fatigue in former cancer patients.

And now, you can get relief from the comfort of your own home.

Performing the acupressure in the study was as simple as pressing a circular motion into every point for three minutes each – with the specific points differing between the two forms.

The points for relaxing acupressure were Yin TangAn Mian, heart 7, spleen 6, and liver 3.

For the stimulating form, subjects circled Du 20, conception vessel 6, large Intestine 4, stomach 36, spleen 6, and kidney 3.

Online graphics and how-to videos can help you find each of them – or for a more in-depth lesson, look for a local practitioner who can guide you through it.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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