This Holiday Treat Could SAVE Your Brain

I hope you made some wonderful memories with your friends and loved ones yesterday…

And more that, I hope you get to KEEP THEM for years to come.

After all, dementia is a tricky beast… and far too often, you don’t don know you have it…


It’s part of what makes the disease so tragic…

But today, I’ve got a belated Christmas present that just might brighten your spirits.

Because a brand-new study has just confirmed that a certain holiday snack is as nutritious as it is delicious… and it’s strong enough to SPARE you from devastating memory loss and debilitating confusion.

So, while Christmas may have drawn to a close, don’t go shoving your holiday décor away just yet…

This one calls for a nutcracker.

In a recent study out of Oregon State University, 32 people aged 55 and up ate about a third of a cup of delicious hazelnuts every day for 16 weeks.

While the study didn’t measure cognitive decline, the researchers did keep tabs on participants’ nutrient levels…

And they found something more exciting than ANYTHING Santa left behind.

The hazelnuts upped the volunteers’ levels of magnesium and vitamin E– two nutrients that are absolutely VITAL to fighting off health problems as we age.

That magnesium boost is especially important, because it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to meet the daily recommended amount through diet alone…

And last year, another study found that deficiency can essentially CAUSE Alzheimer’s– shooting your risk up to 30 PERCENT HIGHER.

That’s just outrageous… and scary… because between 60 and 80 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient!

Plus, too-low magnesium has even been linked to CANCER… specifically pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of the disease…

I know. Seems like there’s a lot riding on this one little nutrient.

Experts say it’s partially because magnesium helps improve circulation, especially in the brain, which ensures that all of your cranial nooks and crannies get the blood they need to function properly. 

Now, remember that nutcracker I mentioned? 

The best idea is to opt for pure, natural hazelnut, which you can eat raw or roasted as long as you break open its outer shell. That route will take some time and energy, though, so if you’re low on either, you can also find pre-chopped packages at most big-box or health-food stores.

Just skip the processed snack aisle…

Sugar-bomb hazelnut spreads and chocolate truffles won’t do you – or your brain — a lick of good.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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