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High Blood Pressure? Try THIS Crazy Powder

The older we get (and rounder our well-nourished waists become), the more mainstream docs pay attention to our tickers, claiming up and down that we “need” mainstream heart meds to avoid a heart attack or stroke… 

But today, I’m gonna send those guys BACK TO SCHOOL! 

Because scientists have uncovered an answer for elevated blood pressure… a simple, easy-to-use ingredient that cuts sky-high levels and improves heart health… and it’s certainly NOT some mainstream med. 


Instead, it’s something no typical doc would ever expect… a crazy powder that THOUSANDS of Americans use every day… 


It’s called whey protein — and you’ve probably seen this stuff plastered all over the media.  

Basically whey is the protein byproduct of using milk to make cheese, a low-lactose powder that contains all nine essential amino acids. Vitamin shops all over the world sell it in big, heavy tubs… 

And most famously, it’s what beefy gym-goers use to build more muscle.  

Now, though, new research has uncovered a surprising SECOND USE for this musclehead mojo… 

And it’s got NOTHING TO DO with hitting the gym. 

In the randomized, controlled study, published this spring in Food Science & Nutrition, Chinese researchers divided 54 adults with high blood pressure into two groups and instructed them to consume 30 grams of either whey protein or a placebo (the starch maltodextrin) every day for 12 weeks. 

Throughout the trial, they recorded participants’ blood pressure, body composition, blood vessel function, and other important heart-health factors… 

And by the end, there was NO DOUBTING the powder’s effects. 

After three straight months of supplementing (i.e. mixing the protein powder with water), users had: 

  • LOWER systolic (top) blood pressure, 
  • IMPROVED flow-mediated dilation, and 
  • GREATER fat loss! 

In other words, their blood was able to flow through their arteries better, CUTTING blood pressure and LESSENING the strain on their hearts! 

Plus, a number of overweight and obese participants even LOST WEIGHT… shedding extra fat and shrinking their waistlines! 

According to researchers, this fat loss explains why obese and overweight adults saw significant drops in systolic blood pressure… 

And now, you could see similar heart-helping effects! 

If you’re worried about your ticket, make like a meathead and consider adding whey protein to a balanced diet. 

As I mentioned earlier, vitamin shops (even big-box retailers) sell this stuff in bulk – so you’ll have no trouble finding it in your area. 

Most brands come in multiple flavors – usually chocolate and vanilla — so pick your favorite and follow the packaging’s directions for mixing. Most often, one scoop of protein powder correlates with around 8 ounces of water.  

Then, use a specialty bottle (typically sold with or near the powder) or sealable container and shake until the contents are combined. 

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