Hidden Cause of Memory Loss – FINALLY Revealed!

Tell your doc you’ve been struggling to remember certain things (like where you parked the car or left your keys), and he’ll get right to work…


Yep. Sad as it may be, he won’t know WHAT to do with you or HOW to help…

Because most docs are still IN THE DARK about what causes life-altering dementia!

But today, I’m back with revolutionary news…

Because Gladstone Institutes researchers may have just identified the HIDDEN TRIGGER behind both embarrassing “senior moments” and debilitating dementia…

And now that we know what’s causing it…

We can STOP it.

I’ll reveal how in just a moment, but first – we’ve got to dive into the problem.

Because it’s a big one.

See, a flood of recent research has confirmed the importance of something called the “blood-brain barrier,” a semi-permeable border that’s supposed to protect our brains from toxins and other harmful substances in our blood.

Unfortunately, though, age isn’t always good to us. And in many cases, the older we get… the weaker it becomes…

LEAKING and allowing all sorts of who-knows-what to enter our brains!

Not good news, considering scientists have REPEATEDLY linked these leaky barriers to cognitive decline, “brain drain,” and debilitating dementia.

But thanks to a new study published in the journal Neuron, we might be able to STOP the worst of it.

Researchers used high-tech imaging to examine the brains of both mice and human Alzheimer’s patients… and they observed that as these blood-brain leaks occur, they’re carrying in a blood-clotting protein called fibrinogen.

(Remember how I mentioned a hidden trigger? Here’s our guy.)

Once this fibrinogen enters the brain, it activates the organ’s immune cells… which then ATTACK and DESTROY connections between nerve cells…

SEVERING important synapses and STOPPING your brain cells from communicating…

So you lose your precious memories.

Fortunately, researchers confirmed that inhibiting fibrinogen protects against memory loss – and the best way to do that may be by lowering your levels of the protein.

Previous studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) and vitamins A and C can help regulate fibrinogen levels, but speak with your doctor if you’re interested in the former. If you’re taking a blood thinner, additional fish oil may increase your risk of bleeds.

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