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Heart Risk PLUMMETS With Controversial Pill

Here’s some of the biggest beef I have with mainstream medicine…

No one can make up their mind!

Take fish oil, for example.

One day, your doc’s touting it as the heart-health miracle we’ve been waiting for!

And the next, he’s claiming it’s completely useless…

WHAT? That’s not just confusing… 

It makes looking out for your own health practically IMPOSSIBLE (and keeps you at the mercy of your big-bucks cardiologist)…

But don’t worry.

Despite a recent onslaught of attacks on fish oil, a pair of studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine have AGAIN CONFIRMED the simple, direct truth of something I’ve been saying all along…

Omega-3 fatty acids can SLASH your risk of devastating heart attack.

This brand-new research is so exciting that it may even FINALLY convince mainstream naysayers…

In the first clinical study, the Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial (VITAL), researchers randomly assigned 26,000 healthy adults to take fish oil, vitamin D, or a placebo supplement daily.

And five years later, the participants taking fish oil were 28 PERCENT less likely to suffer a heart attack.

What’s more, people on fish oil who didn’t eat much fish to start with got an even BIGGER benefit.

Their risk of heart attack dropped a whopping 40 PERCENT!

But there’s still more good news…

Because African-American participants on fish oil saw their risk plummet even further… by an UNBELIEVABLE 77 percent.

The second study, called REDUCE-IT, doesn’t disappoint either…

In this one, researchers gave either a specific kind of omega-3s (called EPA) or a placebo to 8,000 people on statins with existing heart conditions.

And members of the EPA group saw CRAZY benefits.

They were 22 PERCENT less likely to die from a heart problem… 28 PERCENT less likely to suffer a stroke…

And their risk of heart attack dropped 31 PERCENT.

That’s almost a third of your heart risk… gone.

Experts say that these amazing results occur because omega-3s reduce the inflammation that damages blood vessels and strains your heart, and the best way to get them is through diet.

Eating two or more servings of fatty fish (including salmon, mackerel, herring, or sardines) per week can boost your levels, but if you can’t stand fishy flavor, most pharmacies and vitamin shops carry fish oil or omega-3 supplements.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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