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“Flower Power” Duo RELIEVES Depression

Depression rates are SKYROCKETING… especially in the elderly… and believe it or not, mainstream docs are loving it. 

They’re passing out antidepressants left and right, raking in BIG BUCKS for their buddies in Big Pharma…  

But the ugly truth is there is little evidence to support the use of antidepressants for MOST forms of depression…  

And mainstream guidelines even acknowledge that, given these meds’ HORRENDOUS side effects – including nausea, weight gain, and “performance” issues — their risk-benefit factor is extremely low. 

In other words, they just aren’t worth the side effects! 

Fortunately, a groundbreaking study published in the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment reveals that there’s safe, NATURAL alternative for treating depression… a potent “flower power” combination of two plants… that can BOOST your mood and RELIEVE depressive symptoms. 

Close to 75 percent of participants declared that they felt better after supplementing with this powerful duo…  

And now, roseroot (Rhodiola rosea) and saffron (Crocus sativus) may help YOU manage your depression! 

Roseroot is a biennial flowering plant that has been used in traditional Asian and European medicine for thousands of years as a physical and mental booster. 

Saffron is best known as a costly cooking spice produced from tiny parts of the Crocus sativus flower.  It originated in Greece and has been revered since ancient times for various health benefits. 

In this study, French general practitioners recruited 37 male and female patients (ages 18 to 85) suffering with mild to moderate depression and instructed them to take two tablets containing 154 mg of roseroot extract and 15 mg of saffron extract every day for six weeks. 

The goal was to find out if the COMBINATION of roseroot and saffron could help relieve symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, feelings of guilt or sadness, and lack of interest… 

And something AMAZING happened! 

Patients reported improvement in as little as TWO WEEKS! 

After six weeks, more than 85 percent of the participants had improved symptoms… and according to one test, patients showed RAPID and SIGNIFICANT decreases in both anxiety and depression…  


But what makes these herbs so POWERFUL? 

Roseroot extract has been found to possess a unique mechanism of action — it NORMALIZES the release of stress hormones while BOOSTING energy.      

Previous studies suggest that roseroot may help the body regulate mood by naturally stimulating the receptors for dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that affect your mood. 

Its impressive anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may even offer potential in protecting against heart and brain conditions like heart attack, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Saffron has also demonstrated anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects in multiple studies – and it’s been shown to increase levels of serotonin. 

You can find both roseroot and saffron at iHerb. 

There are even supplements that have both in them, such as LifeSeasons’ Mood Uplift-R Emotional Support. 

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