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Feel Younger LONGER With “Tomorrow’s Leaf”

I like to fire off about mainstream medicine and its many (MANY!) flaws, but even I’ve got to admit… thanks to semi-recent advancements, people are living longer than ever.

And don’t get me wrong – that’s a very good thing.

But it’s not without its flaws.

We may be living longer, but we’re not staying healthy while we do it.

Age is still, by far, the BIGGEST risk factor for terrible conditions like heart disease, cancer, and memory loss… meaning that any “extra” years we get are likely to be spent SICK.

And so far, mainstream docs have FAILED to find a solution.

Fortunately, Austrian researchers have just uncovered a safe and natural answer for the dangers of aging… a Japanese plant that’s known for REPLACING and REJUVINATING tired, damaged cells so you can feel young and fight off disease…

No matter how “old” you get.

I’ll tell you what this amazing “tomorrow leaf” is just a moment… but first, allow me to explain WHY researchers say it can help you stay healthy.

It all comes down to a compound called 4,4’-dimethoxychalcone (or DMC) — a flavonoid that the plant has in SPADES.

In the study, published in Nature Communications early this year, researchers tested DMC across a wide variety of organic species – yeast, microscopic worms (called nematodes), fruit flies, mice, and human cells.

And not only did it increase many of their lifespans – up to 20 percent in worms and flies — but it also induced a critical process known as autophagy.

That’s when your body starts cleaning out old, damaged cells to make room for new, healthy ones… essentially REFRESHING and REJUVINATING itself on the cellular level.

And get this…

Past studies have shown that impaired autophagic function has been linked to AGE-RELATED DISEASES…

Which might explain why we’re more likely to suffer health issues as we get older!

But as the study shows, DMC can keep that cell-recycling process flowing… producing more and more young cells to help us stay healthy.

Plus, researchers observed that DMC also slowed senescence, or age-related deterioration, in human cells, demonstrating its ability to not only PRODUCE new cells but PROTECT older ones.

And now, you could get the same healthful, cell-boosting benefits for yourself, because scientists have detected DMC in the leaves of Japanese ashitaba (Angelica keiskei).

Also known as “tomorrow’s leaf” because it sprouts new leaves very soon after harvest, this “longevity herb” has long been praised as a part of traditional Asian medicine.

While it’s easy to cook with – and could be a fine replacement for any other leafy green – you can also find it dried or powdered (to be made into tea). Many vitamin retailers (including Swanson) sell it in supplement form and suggest taking one or two capsules per day with water.

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