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Fall Asleep FASTER With “Nature’s Lullaby”

When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep… FREE from tossing and turning, midnight trips the bathroom, or your spouse’s incessant snores keeping you up? 

For many folks, it’s been months (or even YEARS) 

But with recent studies linking poor sleep and insomnia to brain drain, memory loss, heart issues, and moreGETTING SOME SHUTEYE has never been more important! 

These days, we know there’s more at stake than fatigue or next-day crankiness… but with mainstream sleep meds causing damaging effects of their own, it’s hard to know where to turn… 

That’s why I’m back with news on an all-natural cure for sleepless nights! 

It’s a potent remedy, extracted from wildflowers, that helps you fall asleep FASTER and stay asleep LONGER… helping to protect your brain and preserve precious memories…  

And it’s so effective, you might call it “nature’s lullaby!” 

I reveal each and every sleep-inducing detail in just a moment… but before I do, it’s important to know WHY snoozing has become such a struggle. 

First of all, there’s no clear answer. While research suggests that seniors may suffer from MORE sleep disorders than other groups, it’s tough to narrow down a single cause.  

Possibilities include restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, anxious thoughts, taking certain medications, changing circadian rhythm (body clock), and developing various diseases – among others. 

And that’s just what’s going on INSIDE your body!  

Outside factors like caffeine and blue light (the kind that comes from cellphones and TVs) can further interfere with your sleep-week cycles and make falling asleep more difficult 

But no matter what your body’s battling, Verbena hastata can help. 

Better known as blue vervainthat’s a common wildflower that grows throughout North America… and according to several studies, it could be the all-natural lullaby you’ve been waiting for. 

In one, published in Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Japanese researchers tested blue vervain extract in a population of lab rats and observed that the plant behaved similarly to the sedative diazepam. 

That’s one of the benzodiazepine drugs (“benzos”) infamously popped to treat anxiety, seizures, and other issues… 

And in the study, rats that got blue vervain fell asleep JUST AS FAST as those taking the drug! 

It’s like they just CONKED OUT and starting catching some Zzzz’s! 

In the rat study, researchers found that 1,000 mg/kg of blue vervain: 

  • DECREASED sleep latency (the time it takes to fall asleep), 
  • Nearly DOUBLED time spent asleep, and 
  • INCREASED periods of rapid eye movement (REM sleep)! 

In other words, rats treated with blue vervain fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer, and spent more time in vital REM stages, which stimulate the brain regions related to learning. 

According to another study, from the journal Sleep and Biological Rhythms, suggests that these sleep-easing effects come from two major compounds, hastatoside and verbenalin – and now, you can try them out for yourself. 

Blue vervain is most often sold as a liquid extract or an ingredient in many relaxing teas – available online. 

Retailer Herb Pharm offers a 1-ounce bottle of liquid blue vervain for $14. Shake well before adding 1/8 teaspoon to water or juice at least twice per day. 

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