[Exposed] These 4 Meds Can WRECK Your Health

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

If there’s one nice thing I can say about mainstream docs, it’s that they sure are a loyal, dedicated bunch – only, not to their patients.

Instead of looking out for the folks in their care, traditional physicians are DEVOTED to their Big Pharma bedmates… willing to do whatever it takes to defend their nasty money-making meds.

In recent years, that’s meant pushing controversial aspirin to prevent heart disease… doling out risky statins to anyone (and everyone) with a troublesome ticker… and continuing traditional cancer “care.”

(You know… the chemo and radiation that WRECK your body, WASTE your mind, and leave you WRITHING in pain…)

Yep, mainstream docs will do and say ANYTHING to defend their go-to meds…

But that stops now.

Groundbreaking new research has finally EXPOSED their go-to lines for the lies they are, finding that many mainstream meds are not only UNSAFE…

But almost HALF of them leave you vulnerable to disease!

I’ll reveal the worst offenders in just a moment…

But before we go any further, you need to know the unsettling truth about your body.

See, it’s not just your health you need to worry about. Your body is actually home to billions and billions of microscopic organisms, tiny bacteria that live in your gut and help regulate certain day-to-day functions.

When this microbiome (community of “gut bugs”) is healthy and well-balanced – bursting with diverse strains and equal amounts of “good” and “bad” bacteria – avoiding disease is easy.

Your body naturally fights off dangerous health conditions, including cognitive decline, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer…

But when that gut balance is disrupted (and “bad” bugs start outnumbering the “good”), your system is thrown completely OUT OF WHACK.

Poor gut health has been linked to each of the issues I just mentioned – and MORE – and unfortunately, here’s where those mainstream meds come in.

In the shocking new study, presented at the tail-end of October, researchers reviewed medical records and collected stool samples from close to 2,000 people and used them to analyze each person’s gut health.

Records showed that these folks used a total of 41 different prescription drugs…

And of those, a whopping 18 were found to ALTER the delicate composition of the gut!

For some folks taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), that translated to more upper gastrointestinal bacteria and extra fatty acid…

For some taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), that meant increased levels of a harmful bacterium…

And for those on oral steroids, it resulted in greater methane-producing bacteria, which can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Meanwhile, folks on metformin showed higher levels of Escherichia coli – better known as E. COLI – which can cause diarrhea and urinary tract infections!

Eight drug categories were also found to increase bugs’ resistance to antimicrobial drugs… making them HARDER to treat…

And the drugs with the BIGGEST effect on bacterial balance?

They were some of the most common meds around… the PPIs, antibiotics, laxatives, and metformin frequently prescribed to MILLIONS of desperate patients.

So, here’s what you do to stay safe: Say no.

Next time your doc wants to sign you up for some suspicious drug or expensive pill, tell him NO THANKS.

Instead, talk with a physician you trust about SKIPPING the sketchy meds in favor of safe, natural alternatives.

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products


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