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Exposed! Secret Chemical TRIGGERS Diabetes?!

Develop type 2 diabetes, and mainstream docs will treat you like it’s entirely your fault… like it’s something you CHOSE.

Then, once they’re done berating you, they’ll ORDER you to change your ways… forcing you to hit the gym, prick your fingers, and swear off your favorite foods…

But no matter what they say, new research reveals that your disease is NOT fault.

Because according to a team of esteemed scientists, there’s something else causing your blood sugar to spike… a common chemical that’s practically GIVING people diabetes…

And believe it or not, it’s been working on you FOR YEARS!

I’m talking about a compound called propionate.

That’s a short-chain fatty acid that our bodies produce naturally, but mainstream moguls in Big Food know it as E282, an anti-mold preservative added to A LOT of processed foods.

Most often, that means bread and other baked goods… but with so much of the American diet centering around fast food and sugary snacks, there’s no telling WHERE this sneaky ingredient may be lurking.

And that’s a problem, because eating it basically TRIGGERS life-wrecking diabetes!

In the study, published in Science Translational Medicine last month, researchers tested propionate in a population of lab mice, feeding them 0.15 and 0.30 percent concentrations over several weeks.

Those dosages were designed to mimic the amount propionate consumed in humans consuming a highly processed Western diet…

And by the end, the mice’s blood sugar levels practically SKY-ROCKETED!

As many of us know all too well, that’s a major component of life-wrecking diabetes… and unfortunately, the results of this study only get worse from there…

Because in addition to higher sugar levels, propionate-treated mice also showed increased insulin resistance – yet ANOTHER hallmark of the disease!

Plus, when researchers changed gears and tested this compound in human subjects – 14 healthy participants fed one meal containing either 1 gram of propionate or a placebo – they saw similarly TERRIBLE results.

Within four hours of folks consuming the compound, blood tests revealed significant increases in blood sugar, insulin resistance, and key hormones related to glucose production!

Now, these hormones – norepinephrine, glucagon, and FABP4 – are typically benign, responsible for keeping your blood sugar from getting too low during periods of fasting.

But in this case, researchers say, they’re acting WITHOUT the threat of fasting, triggering your liver to start producing more and more unnecessary glucose.

And as I mentioned earlier, this stuff is tough to avoid. According to the World Health Organization, propionate may be added to anything from breakfast cereals and sausage casings to processed cheeses and sports drinks…

But if you’re worried about developing diabetes – or making your diabetes EVEN WORSE — you can still lower your intake.

Research shows that cutting back on processed foods in favor of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will cut your diabetes risk naturally. You don’t even have to swear off your favorite snacks…

Just keep an eye on your consumption and stay aware of the risks. Being mindful of what you eat while still allowing for little indulgences can set you up for healthy living down the line.

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