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Exotic Vine RESTORES Easy Breathing (6 Days!)

If you’re anything like me (and millions of other Americans), enjoying the bright, sunny Spring weather means SUFFERING seasonal allergies and SNEEZING your brains out… 

But if you’ve got asthma, you know the stakes are higher than a case of the sniffles. 

Because with pollen and other pollutants floating around, a devastating ASTHMA ATTACK may be just around the corner! 

At any moment, you could suddenly be WHEEZING… struggling to breathe… and GASPING for air… 

And even if this one’s not deadly, there’s no telling how the next will go. 

That’s a scary way to live. 

But starting today, you don’t have to waste time worrying about your next attack…  

Because researchers have identified an exotic Indian vine that RELIEVES asthma symptoms and RESTORES care-free breathing…  

In as little as SIX DAYS. 

That’s astounding, I know — but before I dig into the details, do you even know what’s causing your asthma in the first place? 

There’s some debate within the medical community, but the most popular theory is that asthma attacks are triggered by an immune system dysfunction. 

Basically, your immune system overreacts to a threatening allergen — something like pollen, dust, or pollution that you’ve inhaled. 

And while triggers vary, it takes just SECONDS for your body to respond… activating immune cells that unleash the inflammation-causing substances behind mucus buildup and airway contraction and make it hard to breathe… 

But not with Tylophora. 

Known as Tylophora asthmatica or Tylophora indica, this Indian climbing vine has been shown to: 

  • SLOW the allergy-response reaction behind sudden attacks, 
  • INCREASE the amount of oxygen in the lungs, and 
  • REDUCE nighttime shortness of breath (nocturnal asthma). 

Plus, a compelling study from the late 1960s — when research into Tylophora was really booming — found that just SIX DAYS of supplementing with the plant led to THREE MONTHS of incredible asthma relief! 

In that study — published in the Journal of Allergy – researchers instructed participants to CHEW and SWALLOW one Tylophora leaf every morning for six days. 

That was it… just chew and swallow ONE LEAF per day… 

But one week after treatment ended, a whopping 62 PERCENT of users had complete to moderate relief from their symptoms! 

For some, that lasted for up to 12 WEEKS… an awfully long time for just six days of treatment… 

And now, modern researchers agree that Tylophora’s easy-breathing effects come from the alkaloid tylophorine, which stimulates natural corticosteroids that reduce inflammation and inhibit immune cell activity. 

In recent decades, Big Pharma’s cash-cow inhalers have taken over the asthma-easing market, but you can still find Tylophora from a number of reputable sellers online. 

Supplement retailer Ayush Herbs includes 150 mg of the plant in its BronchoTone pulmonary support formula, available for less than $30. 

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