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Exotic Spice STOPS Spread Of Cancer (WOW!)

We all know someone whose life has been turned UPSIDE DOWN by devastating breast cancer. If it’s not you, maybe it’s your mother… your sister… your wife… or a friend.

The point is – with more than 200,000 new cases being diagnosed every year – the disease is tough to avoid.

Close to 1 in 8 women will develop it over their lifetime, and despite mainstream “advancements” in treatment, more than 40,000 patients will die from it every year.

But it DOESN’T have to be this way.

Because one vibrant, exotic spice… a bright-red staple of many Middle Eastern dishes… has just been shown to STOP breast cancer in its tracks…

BLOCKING it from growing and spreading throughout the body.

Scientists know it as Rhus coriaria, a simple shrub native to southern Europe and the Middle East… but you’d recognize it as sumac, a tangy seasoning (made from the plant’s dried fruit) that’s often added to hummus, grilled lamb, and an herb mixture called za’atar.

Back before ancient traders introduced lemons to the region, locals used its similar tartness and acid to lighten up heavy meals… and now, modern researchers say that this fruity spice can slam the brakes on the worst cases of breast cancer.

In a recent study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers used multiple models to test Rhus coriariaextract against triple negative breast cancer cells, a rare form of the disease that can be EVEN MORE aggressive and difficult to treat.

Basically, these cells lack the three major compounds that fuel cancer growth… rendering mainstream treatments that targetthose compounds completely useless

But in the study, researchers observed that the Rhus coriariaextract interfered with cancer cell movement and spread on multiple fronts:

  • INHIBITING the cells’ ability to adhere to certain compounds (which is integral for metastasis),
  • BLOCKING the formation of new cancer-feeding blood vessels, and
  • SLOWING tumor growth in vivo.

Plus, previous studies have repeatedly linked high levels of inflammation to cancer progression, with pro-inflammatory proteins practically ENCOURAGING cell movement and metastasis…

But in this report, researchers showed that Rhus coriaria also helps suppress the creation of some of those proteins… down regulating an important signaling compound (tumor necrosis factor alpha) and LIMITING cancer-supporting inflammation!

That’s just wild…

And it means that upping your intake could slow your cancer to a crawl.

As I said, sumac is wildly popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, but its mild makes it a great addition to any type of dish. Swap it in for a squeeze of lemon – and sprinkle it over scrumptious salads, decadent pastas, fish, and more.

Most grocery stores should carry it – usually in the spice or international aisle – so pick some up next time you go shopping.

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