apple cider vinegar

Easy Trick STOPS Weight Gain (NO Dieting!)

Imagine you could eat WHATEVER you wanted – whenever you wanted it – without gaining a SINGLE POUND.

I’m talking ultra-deluxe double cheeseburgers… sky-high slices of decadent chocolate cake…

Ice cream… pizza… ANYTHING.

And after it was all done, you’d weigh the same as when you started.

Well, get ready to chow down…

Because Japanese researchers have finally proven that you don’t have to “eat smart” or exhaust yourself exercising to GET and KEEP the trim body you want…

All you need is one simple trick.

I’ll tell you what it is in a moment.

(Hint: It’s NOT some fad diet or mainstream scam…)

First, let’s go over the facts.

In the study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers fed three groups of mice a high-fat diet meant to a human diet of junk food and processed goods. Over six weeks, one control group got water, and the other two got differing doses of something called acetic acid

And while the water-only mice became (predictably) obese, the rest DID NOT.

Instead, it’s like the acetic acid PRESSED PAUSE on their weight gain!

By the end of the study, mice treated with that acid were shown to weigh THE SAME as they did at the start… 

DESPITE consuming a diet specifically designed to make them gain weight!

The researchers concluded that the acetic acid actually BLOCKED the formation of fat in the body and PREVENTED excess lipids from building up in the mice’s livers… possibly because the acid boosted proteins responsible for helping break down fatty acids in the organ.

And now, YOU could see the very same results… just by ADDING something to the menu.

See, acetic acid is one of the main substances in apple cider vinegar, a pungent form of fermented apple juice that’s been shown to help manage blood sugar and ease weight loss.

It’s a welcome addition to many salad dressings and vinaigrettes – and it’s in practically every grocery store these days – but most people prefer to simply drink it.

If that’s you, use caution. While it’s sweeter than most vinegars, it’s still too acidic for your body to handle straight. I recommend diluting about a tablespoon in a glass of water and sipping regularly.

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