knee pain

Easy At-Home Trick ERASES Knee Pain

Over the years, mainstream con men and Big Pharma phonies have lured MILLIONS onto pricey painkillers and opioid drugs for splitting knee pain…

Claiming that they restore mobility and manage the stiffness and swelling of osteoarthritis…

But here’s the truth of the matter.

Those nasty meds are not only super risky… potentially causing stomach pain, nausea, and life-altering addiction… but they’re also COMPLETELY UNNECCESARY.

Because according to groundbreaking research out of Alabama, there’s a quick, easy, and delicious trick that you can do at home to safely END screaming, aching knees once and for all. 

WITHOUT side effects.

I’ll fill you in on the secret in just a moment… but first, I want you to FORGET something the mainstream’s tried to tell you: Fat is NOT the enemy.

For a long time now, Big Food lackeys have claimed that it’s the culprit behind debilitating health woes like weight gain and heart trouble. They’ve practically ORDERED us to stop eating it… steering us away from juicy meats, creamy cheeses, and healthy oils in the name of keeping us “safe.”

But as I’ve been saying for years, it’s not fat we should be worried about…


Research shows that carbohydrates are a major driver of harmful inflammation throughout the body, and one study from last year even found that mice fed higher-carb diets were more likely to develop osteoarthritis…

Which is why it’s time to cut back.

In the new study, published in Pain Medicine last month, University of Alabama researchers split 21 adults with knee osteoarthritis into three groups and instructed each to follow a control “normal” diet, a low-fat diet, or a low-carb diet.

The trial lasted 12 weeks, with researchers checking in to measure pain, quality of life, and level of depression every three weeks…

And by the end, there was no question of what worked and what didn’t.

Because people who followed the low-carb diet showed WILDY REDUCED pain levels!

Compared to members of the other groups, low-carb eaters saw improvements in both functional pain – which is associated with daily actions and tasks – and self-reported pain.

Plus, researchers observed that low-carb eaters also had less oxidative stress within the body, something that has repeatedly linked to osteoarthritis and joint pain.

And fortunately, going low-carb is incredibly easy.

Unlike lousy mainstream diets that cut out your favorite meals, this approach is all about making simple – but still delicious – substitutions. In general, you’ll want to focus on replacing refined starches like breads, pastas, and baked goods with foods high in fat or protein.

That means lots of lean meats, healthy coconut and olive oils, and leafy green veggies – but don’t think that means you have to drop life’s little indulgences.

These days, many health food stores and grocers carry clever low-carb versions of classic pastas, pizza crusts, and more… so you can still enjoy!

There’s a lot of options, so craft a plan that works for you…

Your knees will thank you!

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