DODGE Deadly Cancer – With THESE Funky Foods!

Pop quiz! What’s the second deadliest cancer for men and women combined 

Is it… 

  1. Breast cancer? 
  2. Skin cancer? 
  3. Colorectal cancer? 
  4. Get on with it, Jack. 

Well, my friend, the answer is C. 

Believe it or not, late-stage colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., a sneaky and silent killer without obvious symptoms… 

But despite these dangers… NO ONE talks about it! 

Think back. You’ve heard tons about breast, lung, and prostate cancers… but has your doc EVER warned you about colorectal cancer? 

I doubt it.   

Instead, he’s left you WIDE OPEN to the disease… allowing factors like unchecked digestion trouble and obesity up your risk! 

Fortunately, Chinese researchers have just identified a handful of potent anti-cancer protectors… veggies known for their “stinky” smell… that can SLASH your odds of cancer and SAVE your life. 

And all you have to do is stock up.  

In the study, published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, researchers matched 833 patients with colorectal cancer to an equal number of healthy participants and surveyed each of them for information about their diet.  

They wound up paying extra-close attention to the consumption of leeks, onions, and garlic…  

Because those foods showed REMARKABLE anti-cancer effects! 

Compared to folks who reporting eating low amounts of these natural foods (collectively known as allium vegetables), folks who ate a lot were less likely to develop deadly colorectal cancer…  

And I’m not talking about a tiny dip in risk, either… 

Folks who consumed high amounts of allium vegetables were an astonishing 79 PERCENT less likely to develop the cancer! 

That kind of risk reduction is practically unheard of… but it’s not altogether surprising. These anti-cancer benefits are backed up by a handful of previous studies – one which found that eating half an onion per day granted significant protection from stomach cancer. 

In another, published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention in 2005, Chinese researchers analyzed the relationship between allium veggies and cancer in a population of more than 1,800 participants… and AGAIN confirmed their protective effect.  

They concluded that higher amounts of garlic and onion are particularly helpful for dodging stomach cancer… 

And while researchers aren’t certain of what triggers these disease-defying powers, it’s never too early to up your intake. 

Next time you’re strolling through the grocery store, throw a couple more onions in your cart. Like leeks and garlic, flavorful onions go well with practically ANY DISH!  

Add them to a decadent pasta or roasted veggie medley… sauté and serve them over juicy steak… or just toss them into a salad… 

The possibilities are practically endless! 

Just make sure you have a couple of breath mints handy… 

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