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THIS Doc Talk Could SAVE Your Life!

Many of us can talk a doc’s ear off.

Whether it’s giving him updates on how we’re feeling… chatting about our new car parked out front… or even swapping stories about the grandkids…

We’ve got a lot to say. No doubt about it.

In most cases, he’ll even keep the conversation going…

But now, a just-out study reveals the ONE THING too many of us aren’t telling dear old doc… even though spilling the beans could SAVE LIVES.

(Hint: It’s NOT about a mysterious disease or secret symptom…)

It’s about complementary medicine.  

That’s a catch-all term for the natural, herbal, or therapeutic add-ons that many patients use alongside mainstream “care.”

And in the new study, an international review from the University of Technology Sydney, Australian researchers found that only 67 percent of patients think it’s important to tell their doctors that they’re using it.

That means that 33 percent – a full THIRD of patients – DON’T think it’s important and likely DON’T disclose their use!

And that can put you at risk.

See, while I encourage many people to ditch mainstream meds in favor of natural substances, the reality is that many will likely take BOTH in the hopes of getting stronger, faster benefits…

But that can be too much of a good thing.

For example, supplementing with omega-3 fish oil while taking a mainstream blood thinner can thin your blood TOO MUCH and put you at risk of a serious bleed.

On the flipside, while calming L-theanine and ashwaganda are great alternatives for managing anxiety, quitting benzodiazepine drugs (like Xanax or Valium) TOO FAST— without slowly lowering your dosage — can lead to major repercussions (including seizures).

Honestly, I could go on and on.

That’s why it’s never been more important to TELL your doctor what you’re taking.

I know. It can be hard.

Despite the amazing safety and benefits of most therapies, some docs will treat you like you’re admitting to witchcraft…

Sneering or looking down their noses, acting like you’ve done something unforgiveable or wrong by doing your own research…

But you’ve got to risk that bad reaction and tell them anyway.

Or a different sort of “bad reaction” might be just around the corner.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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