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Discovered! Morning Drink DESTROYS Prostate Cancer

These days, it’s no secret that most cases of prostate cancer don’t require conventional “care.”

Heck, even mainstream oncologists are starting to own up to that one… with more and more recommending a “watch and wait” approach for this slow-moving disease.

But while I applaud that decision (and the time and money it saves most patients), here’s something to keep in mind…

 It’s still CANCER.

And you shouldn’t let your guard down.

Fortunately, a new study from Japan has YET AGAIN confirmed the anti-cancer effects of one daily indulgence (a morning must-have for millions of Americans) that can help TEAR DOWN any tumors you develop…

So you and your family can rest at ease.

And I think you’re going to like this one… because I’m talking about coffee.

Now, if any of this sounds familiar, it’s because just last month I told you about how Italian researchers recently concluded that the caffeine in coffee may have anti-cancer benefits, notably in PREVENTING prostate cancer.

But this new research turns that finding on its head, instead finding that it all comes down to two vital compounds, kahweol acetate and cafestol.

In the study, published in the peer-reviewed journal The Prostate, researchers began by transplanting prostate cancer cells into 16 mice. Then, they divided the mice into four groups, with each receiving a different treatment.

Four mice acted as a control group and were left alone, while the remaining 12 were treated with coffee compounds kahweol acetate, cafestol, or a combination of the two.

And after 11 days, tumors in the mice treated with both compounds had GROWN by 162 percent…


Yeah, I know. That sounds bad – REALLY bad – but hear me out, because the tumors in untreated control mice grew WAY, WAY more than that, by an unbelievable 342 PERCENT!

(Making them about three and a half times bigger than they were at the start…)

And that’s actually good news… because even though the numbers look grim, kahweol acetate and cafestol actually CUT TUMOR GROWTH IN HALF. 

Plus, that potent combo was able to inhibit cells that are resistant to anti-cancer drugs like cabazitaxel (Jevtana) – and previous studies have shown these compounds to induce “cell suicide” (apoptosis) in other types of cancers.

That’s amazing…

BUT not all types of coffee will yield the same effects.

See, of the two kinds of beans used for brewing, Arabica and Robusta, Robusta loses big time – containing HALF as much cafestol and BARELY ANY kahweol.

So, to reap the most cancer-busting benefits, Arabica is definitely your best bet. It’s not hard to find – available online and through most big-box retailers – but the preparation matters, too.

You want to keep your cuppa joe as un-altered as possible, so opt for minimally roasted espresso brewed without a filter, which can catch and remove significant amounts of these all-important anti-cancer compounds.

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