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Dinner Classic DEFEATS Deadly Liver Cancer

I bet you were quite the spitfire as a kid.

Maybe not outwardly disobedient, but definitely a little stubborn… dead set against eating whatever steaming vegetables and boiled mystery meats mom served up for dinner…

Despite her stressing that they were “good for you.”

I was the same way, and I remember those days fondly…

And now, research out of Illinois reveals that mom REALLY knew what she was talking about.

Because scientists say that one classic dinnertime staple can DEFEAT deadly liver cancer… and if you never outgrew your picky eating, you’ve been missing out on its healthful properties FOR YEARS.

It’s anage-old cruciferous side dish I’m sure you detestedwhen you were young…

Something chunky, green, and even a little bit slimy…

That’s right. I’m talking about broccoli.

In a recent study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, University of Illinois researchers induced liver cancer in 72 lab rats by “treating” them with a known carcinogen. They divided the mice into four groups, with each being fed one of the following:

  • A control diet,
  • A control diet with broccoli,
  • A simulated Western diet high in processed fats and sugar, or
  • A Western diet with broccoli.

And six months later, the results were UNBELIEVABLE.

(Mom would have been so proud…)

Because while mice on the Western diet – predictably – had higher levels of liver cancer, their broccoli-eating Western counterparts showed REDUCED nodules and tumors.

It’s like the broccoli was PROTECTING the mice against cancer!

And what’s more, the vegetable also BLOCKED liver damage and INHIBITED the accumulation of a compound that’s been linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which can increase your risk of cancer.

That’s really groundbreaking stuff… because with a five-year survival rate of just 31 percent (for people with the tamest and earliest localized stage) liver cancer is nothing short of DEADLY!

And we need all the help we can get.

Now, broccoli has long been hailed as an important source of vitamins A, C, and E – but in this case, researchers attribute broccoli’s cancer-fighting effects to a compound called sulforaphane, which has previously been credited with killing off breast cancer stem cells.

You’ll want to maximize your intake for the best anti-cancer results…

“Obviously,” you’re probably thinking, “that means eating more broccoli.”

And you’d be right – most recommendations call for three to five servings per week.

But there’s a trick to it.

See, other studies have found that the most common methods of cooking broccoli actually reduce the vegetable’s nutritional value and amount of sulforaphane. Because of this, you’re better off eating it raw or lightly steamed to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

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