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Daytime Trick DOWNS High Blood Pressure (It's So Easy!)

Happy Easter! No matter what you’re doing today – be it celebrating or staying home – I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.

And more than that, I hope you get a little time to yourself… because as many of us know, days like today can be outright EXHAUSTING.

There are meals to plan, rooms to clean, hams to cook, treats to buy, and people to please… and those Easter eggs sure aren’t going to hide or hunt themselves.

When all is said and done, it’s enough to make you wish for bedtime…

But why not try something else instead?

Brand-new research out of Greece has just confirmed the benefits of one restful, rejuvenating trick… something we should all be doing EVERY DAY to boost our health… and if you’re worried about your heart, you’re going to want to pay extra-close attention.

Because this one simple trick can lower sky-high blood pressure AS WELL AS mainstream meds…

And all you have to do is take a mid-day snooze.

In the study, presented at the annual American College of Cardiology conference just last month, researchers from Greece’s Asklepieion General Hospital outfitted 212 adults with around-the-clock blood pressure monitors and split them into two groups.

Members of the first group started taking mid-day naps, while members of the second group did not…

And by the end, researchers recorded INCREDIBLE changes in blood pressure!

Compared to those who stayed awake all day, people taking daytime naps saw an average 5.3 mm Hg drop in systolic (top) blood pressure – aka what you’d expect from a low-dose heart drug!

Plus, every additional hour of napping reduced the average 24-hour systolic reading by 33 mm Hg!

That’s just insane…

And I’ll let cardiologist Manolis Kallistratos, one of the study’s researchers, explain why.

“A drop in blood pressure as small as 2 mmHg can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attack, by up to 10 percent,” Kallistratos says.

Can you IMAGINE? By that logic, your heart could be 20 PERCENT SAFER — just from taking a few naps!

To me, that sounds like more than a fair trade…

So why not spend some of your well-earned retirement years curled up in bed or on the couch?

You shouldn’t sleep the day away, of course – after all, staying active has repeatedly been linked to weight loss, cognitive performance, and more – but don’t feel guilty about getting a little mid-day shuteye.

It may be the key to saving your heart.

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