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CUT Migraines In HALF! (Here’s How...)

Migraine headaches bring life to a SCREECHING halt. 

Pain is just the start as nausea, vomiting, and light and sound sensitivity send you hiding in a dark, quiet room until it finally passes… 

And while mainstream drugs claim to help ease “acute” or occasional migraines, many do NOTHING to prevent them! For chronic migraine sufferers, these drugs just don’t do much… and don’t even get me started on the side effects! 

Meds geared toward easing migraines can cause everything from dizziness and drowsiness to dangerous heart problems… 

But wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a safer way to PREVENT painful migraines and REDUCE the severity, frequency, and duration of the torture?! 

Well, now there is. 

A recent BREAKTHROUGH has revealed the unique migraine-suppressing potential of one familiar supplement that RELIEVES your pain and BLOCKS future attacks!  

Don’t wait for the mainstream to roll out even more high-priced pills…  

Because this reliable substance is available TODAY!   

A study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience has revealed a life-changing correlation between migraine headaches and a deficiency in coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) 

That’s a nutrient you’ve probably heard of (or maybe even used) for managing blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart issues… but in this study, scientists found that improving CoQ10 levels REDUCES headache frequency and disability! 

Could it really be that easy? 

Previous studies show that roughly one-third of migraine sufferers have a deficiency in CoQ10… and in this double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 45 women with acute migraines received 400 mg of the nutrient or a placebo every day for three months.   

Scientists looked at various blood levels, including the particularly nasty calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) that’s released when certain sensory nerve endings in the blood vessels and face are stimulated. 

That CGRP causes blood vessels to dilate in the pain-sensitive outer membrane covering the brain – triggering the searing pain of a migraine! 


Incredibly, the study revealed that CoQ10 supplementation significantly reduced CGRP! 

Subjects receiving CoQ10 supplementation had significant improvement in frequency, severity and duration of migraine attacks compared to placebo. 

And that’s not all… tumor necrosis factor-alpha (a signaling protein known for causing inflammation) was also reduced in the CoQ10 group, confirming previous studies that suggest a connection between migraines and inflammation. 

Plus, this trial supports a 2017 meta-analysis that pooled data from over 6,800 patients in 13 studies and found that – when compared to placebo – treatments that reduced CGRP had miraculous results: 

  • Migraine pain relief within two hours, 
  • Migraine pain relief for up to 24 hours, and 
  • Relief from light and sound sensitivity! 

As well, previous studies into CoQ10’s effect on migraines (at doses ranging from 150 to 300 mg per day) shown impressive results, including the compound: 

  • CUTTING the number of migraine days by 50 percent, 
  • REDUCING monthly migraines by more than 50 percent, and 
  • PREVENTING migraines from occurring! 

Safe and effective CoQ10 supplements can be found TODAY at your local market and online. Look for CoQ10 with “transform” on the label because it is closest to what your body naturally producesand consider CoQ10 made by natural fermentation to ensure quality. 

For improved absorption, take CoQ10 with a meal that contains fat, and always talk with your doctor before starting. 

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line:  feedback@turapur.com. 

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