Cut High Blood Sugar IN HALF (Like This...)

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

Sixty-some years ago, life in the United States looked a whole lot different.

Back then, we had just barely dabbled in interstellar travel, kicking off the Space Race that would define American ingenuity for decades…

Schools and businesses were just starting to desegregate, opening the doors for equality and progress…

And in 1958, only one percent of Americans had life-wrecking diabetes.

Now, though, that number hovers around 10 percent… and MILLIONS of people are stuck pricking their fingers, watching what they eat, and struggling to lower their sky-high blood sugar.

It’s either that, docs say, or DIE EARLY from heart attack, stroke, or organ failure…

But as usual, mainstream docs are plain misguided – and those AREN’T your only options.

For generations, traditional Indian healers have turned to one unique plant to prevent, treat, and REVERSE debilitating diabetes… and now, modern research reveals that this potent cure cuts blood sugar by more than 50 PERCENT!

It’s called Withania coagulans or Indian rennet – and like its relative ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), this shrub has long been used to relieve stress and lower blood sugar.

Up until recently, though, modern scientists had no idea just HOW WELL it worked!

In a brand-new study, published in ACS Omega last month, researchers formulated enteric-coated Indian rennet capsules and fed them to mice with diabetes every day for five days…

And compared to untreated rodents, mice that got Indian rennet extract showed WILDLY IMPROVED blood sugar!

I’m not talking about some miniscule reduction, either…

Mice treated with Indian rennet had 40 percent lower sugar levels!

That’s almost HALF of their bloated blood glucose… and it was practically GONE after just five days.

Another five days later (ten since the start of the study), their sugar levels had dropped by 60 percent… and that was WITHOUT further supplementation!

Plus, lab tests showed that mice pancreas cells treated with the plant extract produced TWICE AS MUCH insulin as un-treated cells.

That indicates its blood sugar-lowering effects come from helping your pancreas make more and more insulin, helping resistant glucose move OUT OF your bloodstream and INTO the cells that need it…

And unlike mainstream diabetes meds (which can cause gut trouble, pain, and more), Indian rennet works without any side effects!

Look online for Indian rennet (also sold as paneer doda) fruit whole and prepare as directed – or opt to use a powder like this one to up your intake fast.

You could also see similar effects from supplementing with the herb ashwagandha, which is also known for lowering blood sugar and may be easier to find.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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