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Cut Cancer Risk 53 PERCENT! (With THIS Italian Trick)

These days, we know that most cases of prostate cancer don’t require conventional “care.”

I know. It’s still cancer– and one of the most common kinds — but this form is so slow-moving that most men will NEVER need toxic, expensive mainstream treatments.

Instead, most guys can just “watch and wait,” keeping tabs on any changes that occur, without racking up “care” costs and bleeding medical bills.

Yep, it’s one of the easier cancers to live with… and live through

But that doesn’t mean we should get lazy.

Because the only thing better than BEATING prostate cancer is AVOIDING it entirely… and an all-new study has just proven an amazingly easy and delicious way to do just that.

It all comes down to one simple trick.

(Hint: How do you take your morning coffee?)

In the study, published in the International Journal of Cancer, researchers followed close to 7,000 men from the Molise region of Southern Italy over an average of four years… and after comparing the men’s coffee consumption habits to cancer occurrences…

Their jaws practically hit the floor.

Because they saw that men who drank more than three cups a day were a stunning 53 PERCENT less likely to develop prostate cancer!

That’s it… that’s all it took…

Three cups? Guys, I don’t know about you… but some mornings, I swear I drink more than that before I even pet the dog or wake up my wife!

Sounds like a piece of cake to me — or should I say “a plate of biscotti?”

Regardless, the researchers conducted an in vitro follow-up study that tested different coffee extracts against prostate cancer cells…

And saw that one kind (caffeinated) was able to slow the cells’ growth and spread, CONFIRMING their observations from the first study!

That part of the study really solidified experts’ idea that coffee’s cancer-crushing power comes from its abundance of caffeine – especially because decaffeinated coffee extract DIDN’T slow the cancer’s spread.

The only drawback – if you can call it one – to these results is that to get the same benefits, you’ll have to enjoy your coffee the Italian way, as study participants would have.

That means sugar-bomb Starbucks concoctions won’t fit the bill.

Instead, the trick is to make your morning brew using high pressure, super-hot water, and NO FILTERS.

Interestingly, another recent study notes that hot coffees possess more antioxidants than cold-brewed variations — so opting for a hot beverage may BOLSTER your health even further, as antioxidants are known to regulate free radicals and lower cancer risk.

Finally, as researchers confirmed, you’ll want to stick to caffeinated varieties – but remember to time your three cups out correctly, or all that caffeine might keep you up at night.

Catch you at the café!

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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