“Crown of Thorns” Tree DEFEATS Cramping, Diarrhea

Here’s something no one ever mentions about ulcerative colitis

It can be incredibly lonely.

Instead of making memories and enjoying time with loved ones… you’re STRAPPED to the toilet. Instead of playing outside with the grandkids… you’re BEDRIDDEN with unbearable cramps and fatigue…

And forget about day trips and long car rides. If there aren’t ample restrooms and opportunities to go, well… you’re not going anywhere.

It’s no wonder so many colitis patients go on to develop crippling depression…

But starting today, you don’t have to make sacrifices for your UC.

Because just in time for Easter, Middle Eastern scientists have uncovered the colitis-crushing abilitiesof an ancient plant… a sacred tree used during the time of the New Testament… that TAMPS DOWN the inflammation behind intrusive tummy trouble.

It’s called Ziziphus spina-christi, or Christ’s thorn jujube… and according to some scholars, its branches were used to form the infamous crown of thorns placed atop Jesus’ head during the Crucifixion.

In the centuries since, it’s been revered by people of many religions and cultures, used as an herbal treatment for everything from muscle pain… to toothache… to snake bites and stomach issues…

And now, modern scientists say it can STOP and SLOW the mechanisms behind ulcerative colitis.

In the study, published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, researchers pre-treated lab rats with five days of daily Ziziphus spina-christifruit extract (ZFE) – 100, 200, or 400 mg/kg – before using acetic acid to induce colitis.

Then, they waited…

And by the study’s end, they observed that ZFE treatment REDUCED ulcer size!

Not only that, but the 400 mg/kg dosage actually lowered colon injury and risk BETTER than the mainstream drug mesalazine!

And the good new just keeps on coming…

Because ZFE actually SUPPRESSED the spread of inflammation in your colon.

Here’s why that’s remarkable: At its core, ulcerative colitis is the result of haywire immune cells attacking your intestinal lining… leaving behind ulcers and inflammation that lead to bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fatigue, and more…

But by tackling and minimizing that inflammation, Christ’s thorn helps shut all of that down!

Which means that you can enjoy living your life again.

To get started, look for a form of Christ’s thorn jujube that best suits your lifestyle. TerraVita offers it (as Spina Christi) in powder, capsule, extract, and tea varieties – available through Amazon and big-box stores like Walmart.

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